A Woman’s Head and Another Man’s Arm Were Found at a Long Island Park

A head and another arm were found at a Long Island park where homicide detectives came Friday to look for other body parts, a day after two arms and a leg were found within roughly a mile of each other, according to authorities.

According to investigators, six body pieces were retrieved at Southards Park Pond in Babylon Village.

Police are trying to identify an adult lady who has an arm, a head, and pieces of her right and left legs.

Two previously recovered arms are those of a man, and police said late Friday that they are suspected to belong to the same person.

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The area was blocked off throughout the day to aid in the investigation, and the search concluded before 5 p.m. when the command post left and the police tape was removed.

Suffolk County Police Det. Lt. Kevin Beyrer said Friday that the body parts looked to have been there for only a few days, if not hours, before they were discovered.

“We believe the persons who dumped the bodies here were mobile, pretty confident a car was involved,” Beyrer said in a statement.

The tragic series of discoveries began when a group of teens discovered a left arm in the bushes while walking to school.

A Woman's Head and Another Man's Arm Were Found at a Long Island Park (1)

One of the children called a father, who called 911 after checking it out himself.

A short time later, in the early afternoon, a police canine patrolling another area of the vast park discovered a human leg under leaves about a mile from the initial location—and not far from a neighboring elementary school.

Later Thursday, a right arm was located about 20 feet further into the woods than the first arm, according to authorities.

On Friday, investigators intended to overturn fresh leaf piles in their search for further remains. They think the body pieces were dumped recently.

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Their initial research concentrated on the park’s exterior. Investigators said they will decide on whether to search the park’s interior shortly.

Police did not immediately give any other information on the discovered limbs, hoping that DNA testing and examination of tattoos (which were found on at least one of the man’s arms but not on the woman) would aid in identification.

Gang-related activities have not been ruled out.

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