18-Year-Old Becomes Youngest Graduate of University of Houston Again

Salenah Cartier, 18, has again become the youngest graduate of the University of Houston.

The first time she achieved the feat was in 2020 when she earned a degree in psychology and business.

Last week, Salenah received her masters of education in curriculum and instruction from the college of education. She’s now 18.

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“I often wondered ‘why me?’ Why was I always being picked on? Why did I have to switch schools? But, looking back I understand why it was me. Sometimes you have to go through experiences to build perspective and character. I can truly say that those terrible experiences pushed me to always work the hardest, always seek new ventures, and always remain grateful for what I currently have. Everyone told me that things would get better eventually, and I never believed them. Well, thankfully, I was wrong,” Salenah wrote on Instagram.

Salenah credits her mother for her support and for letting her follow her own academic journey.

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