The Pair of Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau Will Not be Able To Play Together

San Diego’s four top championship winners, Brooks Cap, don’t know how to explain their rivalry with Bryson D. Shambeau. “I don’t know if it will be called an argument,” Koepka said on Tuesday. “We don’t love each other.” Unfortunately, golf fans who wanted to see the pair play together in the first two rounds of the US Open this week, Tory Pines, wanted them are not implemented. The USGA may join the three most recent US Open winners. He won Erin Hills in 2017, Shinnecock Hills in 2018, Gary Woodland at Pebble Beach in 2019, and DeChambeau at Wingedfoot in October. The USGA matchmaker finally decided to avoid the potential circus.

The USGA is expected to join the winners of the last three US Opens Kepka at Erin Hills 2017, Shinnecock Hills 2018, and Gary Woodland 2019 at Pebble Beach. The moderator decided to avoid the potential circus.

On Tuesday, both DeChambeau and Koepka denied that USGA officials had contacted them about the possibility of pairing. An official from the United States Golf Association also told ESPN that De Chambeau was not asked about playing with Koepka. “I will accept it, but nothing passes me,” De Chambord said. So instead, the two players will be completely separated. The first two rounds were played at Torrey Pines South Course. Koepka will play with Collin Morikawa and Justin Thomas and will start at 10:29 AM. Tee No. 10 Eastern Time on Thursday. According to the tradition of the US Open, DeChambeau will play against Tyler Strafaci, the defending amateur champion from the United States. The defending Masters champion Hideki Matsuyama is the third player in the group and will enter the top nine at 4:14 pm. ET.

Thomas, not the world. Both players told ESPN that fans wanted DeShambo and Köpka to play together, but the USGA did the right thing. “I think this tournament is the largest of the two,” said the tournament participants. “Everyone wants to see it, but it’s unfair to be distracted by a big victory because it happened on the street. This tournament is not aggressive, and it is dedicated to the US Open.

Woodland said he would love to play with Dechambeau and Koepka. “I think that would be great,” Woodland said. “I think the fans, all my friends at home, they are talking about it. I think it’s good for the game. Brooks hasn’t played for two weeks, and ESPN is full of sports news. I think it’s good. “I really want to play. I think the energy of that group will be amazing. He will incite and try to start a fight or whatever he might do.

Koepka has criticized DeShambo for being slow in the past, and the feud escalated when someone posted a video of Koepka rolling his eyes after DeShambo stopped interviewing last month. I wonder if the video has been posted. “I do not care. I’m not too worried, ”he said. ‘It’s all. As I said last week, I regret not living. No problems came out. And when it comes to being late, I don’t care. What matters is what I do and what I do. I don’t care what others think. If you care about what other people think, you are in a world of suffering. ‘

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