Native of Texas, Lizzo claims that the state’s abortion and transgender policies are a violation of people’s ‘rights’

Lizzo was born and raised in Houston, Texas, but she’s no longer proud of the place she grew up in.

At the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas, the Grammy-winning singer was asked how she felt about two recent policy decisions in the state—the state legislature’s ban on abortion after six weeks of pregnancy and Gov.



Greg Abbott’s recent directive to investigate the parents of transgender children, which called it “child abuse” to let them receive health care for their transgender children.

NBC News quoted Lizzo, 33, as saying, “I’m pleased to rep Houston.” “However, I can’t say that I’m glad to be a representative of Texan politics at this time. Government legislation is moving in the wrong direction.”

When discussing the directive aimed at transgender children and their families, Lizzo referred to it as a “violation.”

When it comes to youngsters, “they’re taking away their freedom of expression,” she remarked. “Human rights are being violated. Human rights include the right to exist as a trans person.”

“I’m a Body Icon,” Lizzo tells the New York Daily News in a recent interview.

This prohibition on abortions after six weeks, she said, has conservative legislators “all up in your uterus,” well before most women are aware they’re pregnant.

She called the ban “atrocious.” “Keep your nose to the grindstone. Keep your hands off my body. This isn’t a political blog.”

There are far more pressing issues that need to be addressed than abortions and transgender children, according to Lizzo.

“There are people in power who can change things on a systemic level and they’re letting us down,” she added. “We have a lot of other things that we need.”

To promote her new Amazon reality program Watch Out for the Big Grrrls, which premiered on March 24th, Cardi B was in Austin for SXSW, where she also spoke about how she lacked female role models of her body type growing up.

As a black woman, “they don’t set us up to view our values and our worth, especially as Black women, especially as big Black women,” she said. “I used to get called fat a— every single day on the bus.”

On the show, she plans to look for “thick” dancers and models to feature.

“My goal is to lift these women up… It would be great if all of them become superstars after this! “Lizzo mentioned this as well.

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