Fayetteville Man Faces First-Degree Murder Charges!

According to a news release from the Fayetteville Police Department, a murder warrant was served on Tuesday for the death of a man who was killed on Saturday. The man was already being held on assault and kidnapping charges.

Kortne Shapiro Aliaff Melvin, 40, faces a first-degree murder allegation in connection with the early Saturday morning death of Garon Anthony Webb, 41.

According to the announcement, the gunshot happened in the 3000 block of Tamarack Drive around 4:49 in the morning. According to the announcement, Webb was pronounced dead at the scene after suffering several gunshot wounds, according to the police.

Melvin was first detained on Monday at his residence on Rhemish Drive. According to the charging document, he beat his ex-girlfriend with a weapon and the cord from his pre-trial release ankle monitor, and he choked her unconscious outside a nightclub.

He then kidnapped her from the parking lot and brought her to his house.

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The woman managed to get away and went to a nearby house for assistance. According to court documents, Melvin is facing at least three outstanding charges for allegedly assaulting the same woman in June, August, and early this month; during all incidents, he was allegedly under GPS surveillance.

Melvin is accused of kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon, and strangling during the Sunday attack. He is being held in the Cumberland County jail without bail.

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