Yalitza Aparicio revealed that she had contracted a skin disease at the beginning of her artistic career

Yalitza Aparicio suffers from melasma, a skin condition that produces hyperpigmentation spots. Share your experience through your YouTube account

Through his YouTube channel, Yalitza Aparicio stated that she contracted a skin disease shortly after the publicity tour of Roma, film in which she made her acting debut, due to not paying enough attention to her health.

In his video he mentions that he exposed his condition because wants to break the stereotype that celebrity skin is perfectIn addition, she feels very grateful to her followers and wanted to share part of her private life with them, since she had not told anyone: only her close people.

Aparicio said that she did not pay attention to this disease when she first noticed it, as she already suffered from acne and thought it was possibly due to the same breakouts and changes she was having in her life. Before long, when he paid attention to his skin again, noticed that the stain had grown and covered a large part of his cheekbones and nose.

The condition suffered by the 27-year-old actress is called melasma, which produces hyperpigmentation spots that come out on the skin for different reasons. In the case of Yalitza, the melasma arose because she did not take proper care of her skin, did not hydrate enough and was exposed to the sun a lot. He also mentions that his family suffers from the same condition, which possibly also affected, as it can arise by genetics.

The actress, realizing that the spots on her skin grew because she did not treat her illness at the right time, had to immerse herself in a search for the solution to her condition, as she was used to acne, but the melasma bothered her .

Yalitza Aparicio shared through her channel that she suffers from melasma on her face (Photo: Screenshot / YouTube)

Yalitza Aparicio shared through her channel that she suffers from melasma on her face (Photo: Screenshot / YouTube)

Yalitza recommends people who suffer from a skin disease, attend to her as soon as possible and always turn to experts, because each skin is different. “I was one of those who make those mistakes of following the advice of friends, neighbors, etc., who recommend things that worked for them”, He expressed.

The actress had to go through a process in which she was exposed to products that hurt her skin more because she wanted to find a quick solution to her melasma, she even stopped treatments because she was frustrated at not seeing a change in her condition, which stopped his recovery. The actress exalted her audience not to look at their physical appearance, to take care of themselves, not to self-medicate, and to go to a specialist if there is any change in their bodies.

Yalitza Aparicio had a quiet life before 2018. She was teaching in Oaxaca before becoming an international movie star. Then, was for a year on the publicity tour of the film by Alfonso Cuarón, Roma, since its premiere, which was in the Venice International Film Festival 2018. Since then, Yalitza has been nominated for several awards and has obtained countless opportunities that have allowed her career to continue with success.

Yalitza Aparicio began to suffer from melasma after the publicity tour of Rome, in 2019 (Photo: EFE)

Yalitza Aparicio began to suffer from melasma after the publicity tour of Rome, in 2019 (Photo: EFE)

Melasma has not been proven to arise from stress, but there is evidence that it makes it worse, making the skin resistant to the drug or causing the hyperpigmentation spots to expand in different areas of the skin.

Yalitza is currently still in the process of recognizing which products are best for her skin, as there are many products that cause counterproductive reactions. Despite this, Aparicio said that he learned to know his body and understand when to stop so that his skin has a rest.

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