Wow!!! More stimulus checks worth up to $1,100 to go out NEXT WEEK – Check this Out.

5th Largest Economy in the World

If California were to be a Nation? Then they would be ranked the 5th largest economy in the world. As of 2020; its Gross State Product was $3.0 trillion. California is home to 10% of the fortune 500 companies. It has Meta(Facebook), Cisco, Apple, Tesla, Alphabets Inc, and a whole lot of world biggest companies. The economy of California is better than that of any state in America.

Golden State Stylus Checks

9 million residents of California are eligible to receive financial aid from the state. 900,000 Golden State stimulus checks have been sent out to be received between now and the new year. 9000 of these checks are paid as direct payments while the remaining 803,000 checks are mailed to recipients. The value of each check is $1,100. A total of $575 million.

The Golden State Stimulus intends to help those Californians facing financial hardship due to the Covid pandemic. The first round Golden State Stimulus I has been sent this year, This is the second round; Golden State Stimulus II.

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For those who are eligible, their California Adjusted Gross Income (CAAGI) was seen to be between $1 and $75,000. Only those who rely on social security as their only source of income are not eligible for this Golden Stimulus Check. But as long as you made $1 in income and it’s not greater than $75,000; then you are qualified.

Income can be in wages and self-employment income, interests, tips, retirement income, gains on a sale of property, interest, rental income, and dividends. Whatever you are earning from; you are qualified. 2020 taxes return must have been filed October 15, 2021, to receive the money.

When are the Checks Arriving?

These payments have been going out every 2 weeks and when a person received it is a function of their Zip Code. The last 3 digits of the Zip Code. A ZIP Code is a postal code used by the United States Postal Service.

045-220: Checks mailed October 18 to November 5 and should arrive by November 26.

221-375: Checks mailed November 1 to November 19 and should arrive by December 10.

376-584: Checks mailed November 15 to December 3 and should arrive by December 24.

585-719: Checks mailed November 29 to December 17 and should arrive by January 7.

720-927: Checks mailed December 13 to December 31 and should arrive by January 21.

928-999: Checks mailed December 27 to January 11 and should arrive by February 1.

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Direct deposits have been sent out already between September and October 2021. There might be a delete depending on when you file your tax return because it may take 45 days after the tax return has been filed for checks to be received. Whatever might delay the check, just be rest assured that it is incoming.

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