Workers Join Nationwide 1-Day Strike Amid Disputes Over Bargaining-Two North Side Starbucks in Chicago Close Down

Workers at two Chicago Starbucks locations went on strike. On Thursday morning, workers at the Starbucks locations at Ridge and Clark, Armitage, and Hoyne went on strike. They participated in the “Red Cup Rebellion,” along with over a hundred other establishments around the country.

One of the most incredible sales days of the year for the coffee company is Red Cup Day, which falls on the same day as the strike. The strikers want Starbucks to hire enough workers to adequately staff all the outlets at which unionization efforts are underway.

They also noted that the corporation needed to begin negotiations in good faith

Shepard Carl, a Starbucks employee, stated, “The major thing we are fighting for at Starbucks is protected benefits, hours, and fair compensation.” “We’re striking back to show that we’re present as well. We need to be taken seriously as a group and given due consideration.”

To our knowledge, this is the first nationwide strike by unionized baristas. According to a company statement, Starbucks supports its workers’ freedom to engage in peaceful, legal protest.

source: CBSnews

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