Workers at Walmart Spark Controversy as They Use Price Scanners as Guns

Employees at Walmart filmed themselves using price tags as guns as they ran through the store claiming they were later fired for the stunt, sparking a discussion about its appropriateness on social media, Mondialnews reported.

Walmart employees pointed their flashing price scanners at the camera in a video posted to TikTok by @mbkstank on 9 January.

Workers appeared to be shooting the device in the clip, much like they were firing a gun.

Many workers emerged from different parts of the store, such as behind the shelves or inside cabinets.

Some were riding bicycles or on wagons. “They all got fired,” the caption reads.

Even so, the workers in this video seem to have enjoyed themselves, as the video stated, “they got Walmart lit though”.

Viewers in the comments have argued that these workers if they had been fired, shouldn’t have been.

The video has received over 610.3k views so far.

“Walmart is not in the position to fire anyone,” wrote one commenter, while another said:

“That’s the stores’ loss now they have to replace every single employee they just fired the store took an L on that one.”

“This is sweet … you all need to have fun @ work once in a while,” someone commented.

“You guys work hard … so why you all got fired. I think Wally world needs to re-access.

“Nobody was harmed I’m sure in the making of this video … they was just having fun!,” another stated.

However, some viewers thought these workers did not act very professionally.

“It doesn’t matter who told! you are supposed to be working not playing around,” one noted.

“Customers should start calling corporate and writing letters to the president (Walmart CEO) about stuff like this.”

“This is a business not a playground,” another said.

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