Woman Managed to Escape an Attempted Rape in Chicago’s West Loop, Police Reports 

‘I wanted to block the van so he couldn’t get away,’ a nearby rideshare driver said of the incident in Chicago’s West Loop.

Police in Chicago are questioning a person of interest in connection with a weekend attempted kidnapping in the West Loop.

Earlier on Tuesday, police released surveillance images of a man suspected of attempted kidnapping. Three photographs depict a man in his 30s to 40s.

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He was dressed in a light blue pyjama set and a white baggy sweatshirt with writing on the front.

Authorities are looking for him in connection with a kidnapping attempt in the West Loop.

According to CPD, he was in a minivan when he grabbed a 45-year-old woman near Sangamon and Adams streets on Sunday morning.

As the woman screamed, a rideshare driver and her passenger arrived to assist.

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That woman, who did not want to be identified, and those good Samaritans spoke with ABC News exclusively.

“A gentleman gets out of the van and begins walking towards me, and I realised something wasn’t right, so I began clipping it faster, and then he grabbed me,” she explained.

“So I’m yelling and yelling. He is dragging me towards the van. I’m standing at the door. I’m reaching for the door. He’s slamming my head against the door in an attempt to knock me out.”

Thomas James, the rideshare passenger, and Johnnetta Henderson, the driver, arrived at the block in the minivan.

“I saw a man pulling her into his van,” James explained. “At the time, I told Johnnetta, ‘Let’s go over there quickly.'”

“I got out of the passenger door and started yelling at the assailant, just like ‘hey!’, and I think he was distracted or flustered enough that the potential victim was able to free herself and flee,” he explained.

“When I saw that, I put myself in her shoes and ran as fast as I could in case he got her in the vehicle. I wanted to obstruct the van so he couldn’t flee, “Henderson explained.

The victim is thanking the good Samaritans for acting quickly.

“It takes bravery for you to do that, because, as you said, who knows? He could’ve pulled a gun on you, and you risked your life for someone you didn’t even know. “You are both heroes,” she stated.

This is the second attempted kidnapping in that area in about a month, but police believe they are unrelated.

The minivan used in the attack was later discovered by police.

On Tuesday morning, the president of the Violence Interrupters requested that the city hire his organisation to assist in patrolling the area.

“We require assistance. The police department says they’re short on manpower right now; there’s a police shortage, so perhaps we can supplement the police with violence interrupters to help deter crime in Chicago. ” Tio Hardiman stated

If you know anything, you can call the police at (312) 744-8261 or send a tip to CPDTIP.com.

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