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Woman Falls ill After First Pfizer Vaccine Dose, Dies of COVID-19


Encanto woman passes away from COVID-19 a day after her turning 50. Maria Troutman is first eligible for a Corona Virus Vaccine (COVID-19) vaccine. According to the family, she hesitated on getting vaccinated because of her previous reaction to a flu shot. 

On September 12, Troutman got her first Pfizer dose after a mandatory vaccination for her husband’s company. A day later, she started feeling sick and was admitted with pneumonia.

On October 18, Maria Troutman passed away due to complications from COV19 infection. Since the death of Maria Troutman, there have been three additional deaths related to COVID-19, along with hundreds of reported adverse reactions, including strokes, heart attacks, trauma, vascular inflammations, and blindness.

Whole Story Of Maria Troutman

“If she has to get vaccinated, then she will too,” stated Keller, daughter of Maria Troutman. Days later, she started feeling ill. “Fever, cools, and then she lost feeling of flavor and smell,” stated Keller.

After Six Days of the vaccine shot, she was admitted with Corona Virus pneumonia. At the beginning of October, Troutman, who had many underlying diseases, involving diabetes, was put on a ventilator.

On October 18, Troutman, a mom and stepmother to 6, expired. “The best way I could explain it, a piece of me too died,” stated Keller.

Keller calls her mother a loving mom, selfless, intelligent, and entertaining. “She liked to make somebody giggle and smile. She was constantly giving of herself,” said Keller.

The crushing loss of her mom is something Keller thinks could have been avoided if she had gotten her vaccine shortly. “I think and guess that if she had become vaccinated, she would be alive now,” stated Keller. For others, she has a real appeal.

“People must take vaccine ASAP. For others, I don’t desire them to feel the pain I moved through,” stated Keller. Keller, who is vaccinated, besides recently tested positive for COVID-19 and encountered mild symptoms.

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