Woman Death Reveals Murder-For-Hire Conspiracy In Chicago Suburbs!

In the Lake County neighborhood of North Chicago, two people have been accused of carrying out a m*rder for hire, police said. Seferino Calihua-Rodriguez, 35, and Misael Chavarin-Plazola, 26, both of Waukegan, were detained by North Chicago police and the Lake County Major Crimes Task Force. They are accused of being involved in the m*rder of a woman whose identity has not been made public.

Two Men Charged In Murder-For-Hire Plot

According to the police, an investigation showed that Calihua-Rodriguez had dated the victim and was hurt that their relationship had ended. According to investigators, he made the decision to employ Chavarin-Plazola as a hitman to ki!! the woman.

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According to the authorities, Chavarin-Plazola fatally shot the woman on Friday. According to authorities, he also attempted to shoot and ki!! a second individual who was attempting to get into the car with her.

On Friday, Calihua-Rodriguez was taken into custody, and on Saturday, Chavarin-Plazola. Calihua-Rodriguez is also accused of soliciting m*rder for pay, and both of them are accused of two charges of first-degree m*rder and one count of attempted first-degree m*rder.

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