Will electric vehicle owners qualify for Newsom’s $400 gas rebate?

Electric vehicle users will be eligible to get $400 debit cards under Gov. Gavin Newsom’s proposed gas refund program for California vehicle owners, the governor revealed on Thursday.


Following a roundtable on his Care Court plan for homelessness in Napa, Newsom was questioned by KRON4’s Ashley Zavala if someone who owned both a Mercedes-Benz and a Tesla would qualify for an $800 rebate under the plan. Newsom responded affirmatively.

“It’s not entirely false,” Newsom responded. “And I’m entirely honest with you. If the legislature wants to establish a framework for means testing, we made that plain yesterday, and I’ll reiterate it today in order to work with them.

A $9 billion tax rebate to be given directly to Californians under the governor’s proposal, which was revealed on Wednesday, is intended to help households cope with soaring gas prices, according to the governor.

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