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Do you think President Biden would be successful if he runs against Trump in 2024?

If President Biden decides to run for reelection in 2024, Governor Gavin Newsom has said he will not fight him for the Democratic primary.

Newsom claims Biden can beat Trump again in 2024 if Trump is the GOP nominee. Both declared their candidacy two years before the election.

Polls show that Biden’s approval rating is lower than Trump’s, yet he still has more supporters than the President.

Recent polling from Emerson College gives the Democrats a four-point advantage. But the voters aren’t clamoring for a rematch between Biden and Trump.

According to the results of recent surveys, approximately 60% of Americans do not support putting Trump back into office as President.

The likelihood of the first female President is elected in a Biden-Trump race is slim. On November 15 in Florida, Trump formally declared his candidacy.

In light of his current legal woes, the ex-President is eager to accept the White House challenge and thereby shield himself from further scrutiny. He has been open about his desire to run again since Biden beat him in 2020.

Trump is certain of an easy path to the White House thanks to his loyal following. Still, his decision has dashed the expectations of Republican Party officials looking for a new candidate.

Trump continues to lead in the polls for the Republican nomination, with his closest competitors, such as former VP Mike Pence, in single digits. In addition, the study found that 55% of Republican registered voters back Trump.

In comparison, his possible party rival Ron DeSantis earned only 25% of the vote. DeSantis, who had an enormous political organization and fund behind him, was re-elected to another four-year term as governor this month.

Others hold out hope as well. Vice President Kamala Harris, hoping to succeed Biden, would be disappointed if he decided to run.

Kamala has not yet come forward with her intentions, but Biden may choose to repeat his running mate.

Pete Buttigieg, who served as Secretary of Transportation under Biden, is also a strong contender. Significant infrastructure spending bills have been passed under his watch.

If elected, he’d make history by becoming the first gay President.


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