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Unemployment Benefits: Will AOC Be Able to Extend It Until 2022?


Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hosted a monthly town hall in which she spoke to her constitutes about a new bill she is proposing.

With this bill, she’s looking to extend the federal unemployment benefits through 2022.

In her frustration for Congress, the Congresswoman said, “I’ve been very disappointed on both sides of the aisle that we’ve just simply allowed pandemic unemployment assistance to completely lapse when we are clearly not fully recovered from the consequences of the pandemic.”

As of now, President Biden has opted for the wait-and-see approach and has not thrown his complete public support behind the measure.

But now enough is enough as an increasing number of lawmakers are beginning to publically break with the President.

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In fact, yesterday Freshman Congresswoman Cori Bush tweeted in support of Unemployment Benefits and announced to co-sponsor the bill along with AOC. Here’s the exact tweet:

During the event, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez said that while she was a commitment to proposing and fighting for the bill, she was “not entirely sure the prospects of it… We will work it, we will try but I simply just could not allow us to let this happen without us at least trying.”

With no high-level party support, there is a big question mark on the fate of a bill that can help over 30 million unemployed individuals and families.

What do you think – Will AOC be able to extend the unemployment Benefits up to 2022? Let us know in the comments section given below.

  1. Tina Foxworth says

    Yes they should

    1. Yolanda says

      I want to go back to work i tried but daycare had to shut down twice already due to COVID exposure and we all had to quarantine and I’m sure it will be more because 12 and under can’t get vaccinated so who can afford to take off like that

    2. Donald Allen says

      I agrees we need the help not later but now

      1. Latasha Newberry says

        I agree 100 percent with extending unemployment and another stimulus. Im still trying to recover financially from my bills due to the pandemic. The lack of any foreseen financial help from the government is so disappointing! I’m very disappointed in the way Biden has just ignored the fact that millions of Americans are still trying to recover. This pandemic is not gone and still continues to affect millions both financially and physically.

    3. MARTY A. GALLOWAY says

      Yes the ones like me who lost unemployment but lost my job due to corvid and heart surgery I am limited and I need help paying mortgage and car payment I not asking for a hand out but a hand up as so many others there is a big difference I have worked since I was 16 years old and painin the system with every paycheck even when I worked 2 jobs Congress has it made it is time they all be voted out they are set for life already with no worries they always taking breaks but what for they are supposed to be helping the American people not hurting us more it is sad what they want and let go on but I bet they will not let the public know how much they make and spend their money on

  2. Elizabeth says

    It would really help millions of Americans that are in desperate need of help as we all can see and know the covid-19 pandemic is never going to end cuz it keeps mutating and mutating and gets worse and worse. And our government could act on this so why aren’t they instead we help other countries and put money where it’s not needed when it should go to the American people first and foremost

    1. Elma says

      Because GOP doesn’t care and Biden is kissing their asses! He needs to do what we voted him in for! Kamala is just as bad. AOC going to a gala like kamala! All that money could help Americans. Buying vaccines for other countries when we need the money here!!!

  3. Yolanda Monroe says

    Yes. I feel as though something should have been put in place to keep the governor’s of any and every state that ended unemployment benefits from doing so and upon attempting to try and or do so they should have been penalized and made to return the money received specifically for the pandemic unemployment benefits.

  4. Antonio Camarillo says

    Yes they should extend the unemployment at least until February 2022 that’s not too much to ask for until the virus is under control and people can help them selves through the holidays.

  5. Talena Morrison says

    I think it’s really sad that President Biden stopped the PUA unemployment since everything he promised and assuring everyone the pandemic was getting better and lied because it’s a lot worse. He doesn’t care about us America’s because if he did he would know better. See they have money to eat, pay bills, buy whatever he wants so as long as he’s set everything is ok . I wish TRUMP was still in office because he’s not afraid to step up and help us.Biden is a joke

    1. Elma says

      He.. no!!!! That’s worse. His party is keeping us from getting help!!

  6. Talena Morrison says

    When Biden became President he promised he would take care of all American people and he lied!!! Half the time he forgets what he said so why is he in off if he can’t do his job. He’s passing all this money out to other countries but nothing for Americans that’s struggling in this crisis. In Ohio we get nothing and in the town I live in there’s alot of poor families. Right here in zanesville Ohio, our own governor Mike Dewine stopped everything to help any of us. He needs to be voted out and I’m sure he will be after this! All these states getting stimulus money every month accept Ohio! President Biden is a liar! All this money being given to people that don’t even live here but don’t care that people are sleeping under bridges or in a box and are starving right here in Ohio!!! So sad President Biden, you should be ashamed of yourself!

  7. Roy Nelson says

    No..get a job lazy ass…

    1. Sharon Mayer says

      I have a job, but my doctor will only let me work 18 hours a week right now, because of effects in my health since being hospitalized with COVID. That unemployment meant me having the ability to keep all my bills current! It’s not ONLY lazy people needing the unemployment!!! Get a brain!

      1. Harmonie Yates says

        That’s easy for people like you to pass judgment. You don’t know people’s circumstances. Yes there are people that live off the Government but that’s been going on for decades. But there are people out there that genuinely need the help. I have worked full time since I turned 16. I worked 3 jobs and went to College full-time. I have a college degree and am raising 2 kids on my own. I have never been lazy. But this pandemic has put me in a very difficult situation. I was laid off became a full time teacher for my 13 year old son and a full time daycare teacher for my 2 year old. And did I mention that I also became a caregiver for my Mother.
        Losing unemployment right now has almost left my kids and I homeless. I put into the system for 25 years. And unfortunately I won’t even see a retirement at this rate.

        So don’t Judge until you have walked in those shoes

        1. Denise Barbarini Miller says

          You tell them I’m the same I have worked 45 years never collected unemployment until now!!!! I’ve worked since I 14 doing this !!!! I’m a music Director in a church do you know how hard it is to find a new job especially since they closed so many churches!!!! UNTIL YOUR IN OUR SHOES KEEP YOUR OPINIONS TO YOURSELF!!!

    2. Marcia May says

      Yes I really think they should There are still a millions of Americans that are still stuffering This virus thing is not over by a long shot And it’s still not that easy to get a job as quick as you think it is especially if you underqualify or overqualify either one But yes I think they should

    3. Josh smith says

      Shut up ignorant fool

      1. Julie says

        No one is ignorant people in rhe united states need help like me i take care if my sister that has cancer an lost my job because this covic an all Biden needs ti help the Americans like he said he was i wish trump was still in he would help us an not give it to people in different countries the that need it like the Americans like us

    4. Stacey says

      You don’t think people want to work?! We all do!! But its damn near impossible when schools and daycares are shutting down which means you need to home school your kids again and babies have no place to go but home. Luckily i have my dad helping me so i can work but most people don’t have that Luxury. So please check again when you call everyone lazy

    5. Venita Nasser says

      So we can keep spreading it, dumbass.

    6. Ms Concerned says

      Wow!! Really. I am a Recruiter and in all honesty, yes employers are paying a higher hrly rate with far less hours. Daycares and school close every other week due to virus infections putting new hire parents in compromising positions. Things are so screwed up, have some compassion. That is what’s wrong with this society too many judgemental people. I don’t even make what I use to but my bills never changed…. IJS

    7. Julie says

      No one been lazy thank u very much our president he said he was going to care of the Americans an he don’t even do his job right if trump was in he would make sure the Americans waa tooking care of an guve it to the people that don’t need it like them countries hand all that away an make sure the people in America is tooking care of

  8. Sheilah Hamilton says

    It would be nice and greatly needed if it hadn’t been for the PUA I personally would haven’t been able to survive , with rent , utilities , etc, the PUA I received every two weeks really helped. Now I’m back to the same place , this virus isn’t over yet. I’m sure alot of other Californians are feeling the same.

    1. Kim says

      So true no help from anyone! I have tried and can not get a job I am over qualified for some jobs and to OLD for others.

  9. Tamara Humes says

    I got my shot. I am still scared. I am a diabetic. I stay home. Going to grocery store when needed. Diabetes is scary in itself. And then to have this covid around is scary. Please help us unemployed Americans. Please.

    1. Sharon Ortiz says

      Yes it should be people really need this and it WAS very unfair for them to be able to stop it!! Then in Louisiana we just had a Cat 4 hurricane that caused ALOT OF DEVISTATION it also caused problems in many other states so this made it worse !!BOTTOM LUNE THE PANDEMIC IS NOT OVER SO WHY IS THE HELP?🙏😪😳

      1. Julie says

        Yes Biden needs too help us because Louisiana other states went through hell with the hurricanes looseing everything homes cars an covic no better loosing jobs too he needs to look an do his job right i wish trump was still in i believe he would do alot better than Biden

      2. julie wickenhagen says

        Yes Biden needs too help us because Louisiana other states went through hell with the hurricanes looseing everything homes cars an covic no better loosing jobs too he needs to look an do his job right i wish trump was still in i believe he would do alot better than Biden

  10. Johnny Rocco says

    I hope she does! My profession has yet to come back 100% and I can use the help. This pandemic has never been eradicated. Keeping the economy open is more important than saving lives I guess ,wins this debate.
    With that, some professions as of mine hasn’t fully recovered and it looks as it won’t for years.
    If I need to get into a new profession after 25 yrs in my current, I need the help right now to get me there.

  11. Waleska Farooqi says

    I’m 62, lost my job after 28yrs because of covid. Haven’t been able, to find one, because of my age, and my many ailments.got enough left for one month rent. I’m totally devastated . After losing the unemployment. So yes the bill needs support.

  12. Penny Oral says

    I applied on Ford unemployment on April of last year I’ve been out of work since February 14th of last year haven’t heard anything from you guys than all sudden it got canceled and said that I had a hearing to go they never set up a hearing date with somebody let me know what’s going on

  13. Penny Oral says

    I did leave a comment nobody got back to me

  14. orlando venters says

    If they abandon families over 8 million with no help with pua the winter and holidays will be poverty climbing way up with no funds in our hands😱 no one will votes in next year’s without this unemployment extension through this winter ❄️🥶. That’s a promise

  15. Kris Olson says

    Yes unemployment must be extended as many people are afraid to back to work and catch Covid from unvaccinated employees…I’m over 70 years old and am afraid to go places where people are mask less…

  16. Odilia Garcia says

    I just want to say, I had worked for an Eviction Company for 21 years. We have a moratorium on evictions so I can’t go back to work and I can’t get unemployment. I will be able to return to my job if you would remove the moratorium on evictions.

  17. Donna Jones says

    Yes. It needs to be extended.

    1. Melody Norona says

      She right we have not recovered form this virus when the virus hit the world did it come with a application to hit only the one’s that qualify because that’s what our president and our government are doing giving stimulus help to the ones I qualify if you have a child if you’re an immigrant you qualify what happened to the homeless what happens to people who don’t have kids what happens to the people who are legal here and don’t make any money and their AGI is zero we don’t qualify so she’s absolutely right keep the unemployment going at least until 2022 we’re just now getting our heads above water if they would open your eyes and see a little more time with unemployment will give time to look for a job and get back on track but taking it so quickly away only put us back to drown we have not even begun to live again to go back to work now there’s a new virus it seems like they can’t control it but they want to control the money that goes out to help doesn’t make any sense to me.

  18. Kapadia lallman says

    good morning so I saw this about unemployment it helps family but I’ll tell you a little bit about me I applied to 79 jobs out of the 79 jobs five call me back I did interviews for everything else and when it’s time for the money they say they went with a different candidate they didn’t even give you the option to negotiate so cutting the unemployment out first you need to analyze people force see where they needed help me and my husband are not lazy we don’t want free money we just want to get back into the job we started even the kitchen from way home to make whatever ends we need to make but we’re falling back every time I do a interview it’s so sad you wonder if you’re going to get something how are you going to pay your bills what’s my next step everyone say everyone is hiring but what are they hiring they all get bail out in the pandemic but still don’t want to pay you so how are we going on with her life there’s assistant for a rental let me tell you my little story about a rental so reach out to certain programs they have for assistant this is what your landlord said it’s oh I’m not given no document but if I went to pay you was fine but the assist you it’s not fine that is so selfish this is my story Yes we need assistant but find out who really needs it if you worried about giving people money do a better research look what other people will be doing and you wanna know why crime is up everybody has to put food and shelter on the table for the families and self so many years I work with so many companies do they respect you know they don’t do you have a résumé he say who you are and interviewed a question the same thing but it is Jace you had to invest in me or say it right there we’re not gonna go forward with you don’t have people wandering when they going to get a call or email hoping and praying that it will have a job to provide for their family I could go on and on but this hurts a lot so I will vote extension and to add to that when you look at my unemployment it says I have 46 more and I’m not even receiving and they said they going to pay you back pay and I forgot my money so you tell me what should I do I tried reaching unemployment so many times no one is answering your call we tried emailing and no one answered but when there is a problem they cut you off how is the system work just give me some information all I ask is someone to look out for us we vote for everyone but no I look back for us what is really it’s about thank you and you have a good day.

  19. John says

    We need the unemployment extended because we have nothing now and just went through hurricane ida and haven’t got any help from fema so the extended unemployment would really help us right now in these difficult times !

  20. Tyjunia Snelling says

    Yes the should extend it, cause wr the people need help putting food on our tables and paying rent.and keeping us from getting evicted, they have lifted the eviction law which in turn puts people in jeopardy of losing their residence.

  21. Tabitha Commonis says

    I think it would be beneficial to people who are also in college and depended on that extra 300$ to help them get to and from and lunch and for those whom also have families and depended on that to help throughout the month other what snap and WIC provide, I believe that when they shut that down it messed a lot of families up and those who have disabled kids/adult children who also depended on that aswell, I think if we were to bring it back atleast till the virus is either under control or gone then we can reshape our lives and push on…

  22. Susan Crawford says

    Yes, we need the continued unemployment! I called them today saying…. What am I supposed to do, my bills DONO stop but my unemployment just STOPPED!!! I am interviewing constantly and having a terrible time trying to find employment.
    I have had no income in weeks now, my rents behind, my cell shutting off . I can’t get my bills paid. It’s unfair to stop my benefits it’s because of Covid my profession is hit so hard and difficult to find work now. I hope they bring back unemployment before I’m homeless

  23. Beatrice Wolford says

    There are so many people that are suffering because they can’t meet their financial obligations. When some medicines priced extremely high (insulin) health is at stake.
    PLEASE do what you can!

  24. Niesha Walker says

    It’s a sad shame that we are going threw so much term oil around the world and the government isn’t even prepared for something like THIS God help us all🙏🙏STAY SAFE EVERYONE

  25. Kenneth Green says

    I really think it should because this thing isn’t getting better. It’s getting worse. People who are working are scared. Because the person beside them could be infected. So that put you and your family at risk. Atleaste help untill it can get under controll. We need your help.

  26. Gladialis Cedrez says

    Forcing people to go back to work is also putting them at risk especially if covid is still in play. To get it under control people need to be safe at home and unemployment is a big help, its preventing the spread. They just need to keep it going until covid is gone and under control. Its scary and they are not being careful..smh

  27. Jai Williams says

    I was on unemployment and it was my only source of income. They want us to go back to work during a raging pandemic just to possibly catch covid and be off work again or die. I have 4 children that I’m trying to protect, its bad enough I have to send them to schools thats not mandating masks (thanks to governor ducey). I have put in 30+ applications for WFH and because I dont have the background I have not been hired. Please bring back unemployment for the people who really needs it!!!

  28. Mandie says

    Yes they should a lot of people are still out of work and still struggling with there bills to support there family in need .

  29. Lindsey torres says

    They definitely should turn back on , covid rates are so high again and still no1 wants to return to work, give help we didn’t ask for this 😢……..

  30. Harmonie Yates says

    Yes they should! I am a Single Mother of 2 kids ages 13 and 2. I lost my job due to the pandemic. On top of that I became a teacher and full-time daycare as well. Thankfully school is back in Session but daycares are hard to find openings and if you do find an opening you end up paying almost as much as you make working a minimum wage job because that is the first job that you can get.

    Now that my son is back in school. They had a breakout which shut the school down because it’s a K-12. We got by the first go around without getting the virus but now my son had it and brought it home to both my 2 year old daughter and I. So needless to say that’s now at least 3 more weeks that I can’t look for a job let alone work.

    Thank Goodness I have help from my Mom or my kids and I would be living in a shelter.

  31. Docc says

    My wife had 2 years at her manufacturing shop where I also worked for both 64 years old when the pandemic hit it shut our shut down we have not been called back in over a year I immediately started putting applications in and I hear and watch every day how companies are having a hard time finding workers why haven’t I been called I have put application after application after application is it my age it’s because I refuse to get vaccinated that is my choice the government took my job and should have forced companies that laid off because of coba to hire them back first all laid off people but that’s not the way it works in America I guess now my unemployment is gone I don’t know how we’re going to pay our bills we still have car payments and planned on working or another 3 years to 5 years before full retirement we are semi-retired but because I had to pay the taxes on unemployment now my social security has been cut for 2 months along with my wife what are we going to do but yet I vice president can go to a football game by the rest of us start it’s pathetic

  32. Janet Kincaid says

    Please help us we need your support for our families we are suffering here! The pandemic is bad here in North Carolina! My family has no income coming into our household right now and I apply for jobs everyday and have been for many months! Please consider extending the Federal unemployment! Don’t let American people suffer any longer!!!!!

  33. Rhonda says

    I pray that they extend it because even though I’ve been vaccinated I have bronchial asthma copd and high blood pressure it’s still very hard to wear a mask and stay 6 ft apart depending on ur type job then also no one wants to pay what ur worth numbers are rising daily with this virus deaths are at a high so just extend it until it’s under control

  34. Teresa says

    I am 66 and I have worked my whole life and I have been job hunting for months but unfortunately nobody wants to hire someone my age when they’re are so many younger people out of work so they need to do something and if it wasn’t for my son and his wife I would be homeless. Rent prices are sky high so the government need to help and stop wasting time before the older generation just gives up.

  35. Stacy says

    We voted for Biden & put him in office so we could have unemployment through 2021 until the pandemic is under control which all scientists say will NOT happen until spring if 2022. So now he wants me to go work at a job in a red county that refuses to wear masks or require their employees to be vaccinated. Cruel!!! My kids & family will get Covid! I will vote Red next year if he does not fix this!!!

  36. Latania Fox says


  37. Tiffany R. says

    Bring unemployment back. For God’s sake we are in a pandemic. whoever made the decision to cut unemployment benefits should be ashamed of there selves! Have a hear will you!

    1. Tiffany R. says

      Have a Heart!

  38. Lynn says

    I feel that they should continue, those people thats making the decisions to end help/assistance has nothing to worry about. They have their six figure income s and trying to base the less unfortunate off of what they have. What time clock are they punching? When do they worry about oaying an electric bill, WHEN do they have to worry about the next meal with having no funds to go buy a meal??? These are things that are not clearly taken into consideration when they are sitting on their thrones. This new strand of COVID is deadly and its spreading fast. And what’s next? Another even more deadlier strand comes. You are to work these under paying jobs where your co-workers standing next to you cough or sneeze and then you could become ill. Its not worth it plain and simple.

  39. Lorraine says

    They need to start the unemployment benefits back up and the states that opted out the White House should had override that and like the lady stated everyone isn’t lazy my job shut down completely and I am 66 years old with a pre existing conditions and I am having a hard time finding a job I am not making that much off of my disability check and when the pandemic hit everything went up accept your wages. All the money I saved for back up has been exhausted for paying bills so again stop calling every one lazy because it doesn’t apply to everyone it’s just like saying everyone is on drugs so stop being so ignorant to what’s really happening. I would not even think about putting Governor Parson back in because he pulled the unemployment without enough notice but again he’s well off he with the money that he got paid from the people of Missouri, most people with money always forget about how they got rich because without the little man you will be on unemployment yourself.

  40. sandra dekker says

    Like so many I could use the government assistance pua program. I am 72 and jobs are hard to find at my age plus I take care of a family member who has dementia. My only days I can work is Saturday/Sunday. I live from one check to the next one. I pray that the government officials rethink about restarting our benefits and leave it in affect until February 2022.

  41. kimberly west says

    If the U.S can save the refugees of Afghanistan they can certainly save the people in their country first. People who have worked for years paying taxes and playing important roles in our daily economic system. What about us. The U.S got so much money for foreign affairs but always a problem taking care of the people in their own backyards. No more money for us but billions for support for other countries. How united is that? I lost my business of 20 years due to Covid. I was allowed $198 a week of PUA for six months then program just gone. I have paid all sort of taxes on everything from electric water gas internet etc. Taxes i dont even understand. Difficult for me to find employment. I have not been out in the workforce for 20 years. While my business was slowly declining during this pandemic. The banks made it harder for people of color to get the PPP loan assistant. I watched as the poorer got stimulus, more food stamps but also watched how food prices sky rocketed for people who didnt qualify but were in just as much need of help as anyone else. I had to move from my home. Lost and helped bury loved ones just so much happening since begining of 2020 it has changed the lives of people all across the globe. So I ask of my Congressional leaders amd my President how can you deny us but lend helping hand to another so freely. This action and behavor from leadership should be Shameful to them. How do they sleep at night because it difficult for me to sleep at all. Please reinstate the Unemployment alot of us ate still hurting badly through no fault of our own!!!!!

  42. Waverly Thomas says

    Yes it should be extended.The people in office now including the presdent and vice presdent should be voted out and put some people up there that works for the people.They do not give a dam about us once they get in office.We are tired of them all!!!

  43. shawn says

    I applied in March of 2020 and still fighting to get my unemployment they keep making me file appeal after appeal and then decline me saying I’m untimely I have lost my home and car my kids where out of school and Daycare was closed I have emailed everyone even the News crew and can’t get no response or answer I need help I need to know who I can talk to.I even got a letter that was for a month ahead saying I was denied and the unemployment tells me it was an error how can that be so my email is shawnmpeele@gmail.com Please help me my kids has always been my number one priority and now I can’t even work to get us a place to live… Please Help Me Please

  44. Jennifer says

    I can’t work I watch my granddaughter and my youngest child has in school 2 days a week and one day on zoom. . That money helped my family tremendously catch up on bills and get medication needed for the home and essential items .it ended with out even a chance to get it back . When so many families are in need . My husband had covid twice . Once then got it from his second vaccine . We are all vaccinated but my youngest just came done with covid . Her and I are immune compromised I liver disease and emphazima she is type 1 diabetic. This really hard even with the prices of food going up it very difficult to get by . The sad part it’s not going to change

  45. Derrick Lewis says

    Yes they should give unemployment again I can’t go back to work I hg Ave a disabled daughter

  46. gamalier pinet says

    I had financial responsibility and now that they took the unemployment away everything is backed up I’ve applied multiple times for jobs no one’s calling back or they can only give me 12 hrs aweek how can I afford working only 12 hrs aweek that doesnt even cover phone bill yet I got vaccinated due to old job last year then had to move out of state to NY cause my job closed down then when I was getting snap benefits they dropped it from 33$ a month to 16$ like how u supposed to eat of that for a whole month 16 or 33$ ain’t shit due to all this I’m now homeless living house to house off sum ppl I have met that’s trying to help me but that’s not there responsibility this government and president really fucked us all but they seem to think we’re fine and able to work they don’t walk in our shoes they don’t want to extend unemployment or stimulus that’s to much they say how u know u all live in high end neighborhoods drive nice cars or get driven around wit security having shitload of money nice big houses taking extravagant vacations as us the ppl suffer but yet have the means and the balls to show up on tv and to work to say ohh we can’t do this or that let’s end this or that like the fuk LIVE IN OUR SHOES ONE DAY WITH OUT ASSISTANTS SECRETARIES SECURITY NO JOBS OF ENOUGH FOR FOOD BILLS PILED HIGH AS THE SKY AND TELL ME ITS FINE ……ILL WAIT

  47. Lynn says

    We desperately need the help. My position has not opened up since covid and I’m 73 years old and in not the best health.

  48. WT Standard says

    If you can’t find a job “In This Market”, the YOU Are NOT Really Trying! As a business owner who knows 100’s of other business owners — If You Really Want To Work — You Can Find Someone Who Will Hire You — Period!!!

    Stop making excuses and stop finding excuses. Make it A Priority and Go Back To Work!!!

  49. Tracey says

    Yes,I agree with all you people we need unemployment back my family is struggling just like other families,I mean sure we can all try and find jobs and get interviews and bug businesses that we apply to,but who’s to say if you will get hired? That’s why we need it back to protect our families,to keep roofs over heads and full stomachs

  50. Hugo Tenorio says

    I have a useless college degree. I’ve been laid off for 16 months. Companies hire irresponsible bullies with no education and they get people fired when they feel their authority is challenged in and out of work. I thought we lived in a democracy not a communist regime. I have the Covid shots I believe in science and education.

  51. Hugo Tenorio says

    Government has takes from me at least $25,000 a year for the past 15 years. I’m not asking for a handout from unemployment benefits maybe if they would return some of that hard earn money to me while I get a job I wouldn’t be so worried.

  52. Jennie Thomas says

    Yes, please restore the UI in each state. The government has money for the Vax a Million program but can’t help those in need…..can’t eat a vaccine!!!!! Biden needs to step it up for the Americans….oh yeah I forgot he doesn’t care because his salary is in the millions annually…he doesn’t care he is neglecting the life line for so many Americans… that’s not being a president 💯 PUA and Stimulus checks 💸will help the economy not only the people….I have a type 1 diabetic son. He needs my supervision and he’s attending school virtual…. therefore I can not work outside the home…. I’m currently looking for a remote job but haven’t had any success yet because of all the fake job postings….Biden your being paid to run this country with the Americans as a priority….not an option….bring restoration to the PUA….It just might improve your ratings as a president….not looking too good now🙏

  53. Sick says

    How about these government officials give up their government pay to help the American ppl they ain’t hurting for Jack. Don’t know what it’s like outside their perfectly protected impenetrable bubble… it’s diluted their minds to think that we true American ppl are just that fucking stupid. Smdh, screw Biden lets disregard his vote he’s not all there and his capability to think and process right is so clouded in a fog…just as well as term limits should be age limits. He’s just a puppet anyway. Can pass stimulus checks for all these specific ppl like families with kids and those who worked during covid….so because some families don’t have kids or ppl who literally CAN’T have kids or ppl who simply decided not to cause that’s their choice and ppl who did not work through covid BECAUSE WE WERE CONVINCED BY THE DAMN GOVERNMENT THAT WE WERE DOING OUR PART, BEING PART OF THE SOLUTION AND STAYING HOME AND ALSO THOSE WHO WORKED FROM HOME NOW GET A SLAP AND MIDDLE FINGER TO OUR FUCKING FACES….just toss us out?? leaving SEVERAL WORTHY AMERICANS without anything…. By “Them” who convinced us to leave our jobs cause there was help for us in doing so through this shit that I’m convinced all along they knew about it and sat and allowed it to happen. Never cared enough…As long as it didn’t happen to them. They are consciously slapping us all in the face… deliberate, intentional, knowingly….it’s distasteful, disgraceful as hell and it’s coming straight from them… who were supposed to have our backs…. What fantasy it is to think these ppl were ever here to help when everything is done in the complete opposite manner… again deliberately. For the ppl and by the ppl? Was stolen from us so long ago. We were lead like sheep and so blindly. This is almost Discriminative. Another false hope leading us like blind sheep are these vacines they’re putting so much into….vacines they say are reviving places reopening cities…all lies. Vacines that you need three of and then need boosters on top of… that’s not even in the span of a damn year. Vacines that are killing YOUNG, HEALTHY, ACTIVE ATHLETIC PPL….or causing blood clots or severe bodily harm like uncontrollable seizure like convulsions or paralysis of large areas of the body or one half of the body….not to mention you still have the capability of still getting sick…..sickening….

  54. M Kellam says

    I agree bring back unemployment to help the people I been looking for work and can’t seem to none and I’m 65 and want to work we need it again what good is broken promises from Joe Biden to help the people way to go AOC at least she thinking about the people BRING BACK UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS

  55. julie betancourt says

    They just stopped our unemployment I’ve still been looking for another job the job I had as an apartment manager it’s still hard for me to go to work because of the covid-19 people don’t want other people at their homes because they’re scared of their family getting sick and now I haven’t been able to pay my bills and it’s getting really hard and I don’t know what to do I got for kids here at home with me and we’re struggling really bad the unemployment was helping a lot but now that it stopped I don’t know what I’m going to do

  56. Carol Champion says

    I got laid off from 2 cleaning jobs.I live in a small town , alot of offices are still working from home. It’s hard to find a cleaning job.I live in Georgia, It seems like all Kemp thinks about is helping the wealthy. It wasnt taking money out of his pocket to at least let us draw until September 6. Or was it??I dont see where all the stimulus money the state of Ga. got went to.There is still alot of people unemployed and it hurts. He can take in all these refugees and give to them but not help the natives of GEORGIA.

  57. Vanessa Ayala says

    I really believe this is needed. I have rheumatoid arthritis and do not leave my hm because i have a low immune system. Its just the fear of getting sic that is on my mind and prefer to stay hm and not get paid rather than risk my life.

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