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Wild Police Pursuit Ends With Parolee In Custody In Southern California


In a multi-vehicle high-speed chase with the police. A parolee from California’s HACIENDA Heights repeatedly rammed an on-duty Fullerton police cruiser. Attempting to hold him down. He apprehended in Hacienda Heights on November 10 and taken into custody.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department claims that 32-year-old Johnny Anchondo detains for violating his parole. On the other hand, he is still facing more accusations.

The suspect allegedly eluded a traffic stop attempt at Santa Ana (5) Freeway and Auto Center Drive around 4:40 p.m., according to Fullerton police.

The suspect is driving a dark-colored sedan. When he suddenly stopped, got out, and attempted to steal a pickup truck parked in Anaheim. He jumped back into the sedan after failing to gain entry. Eventually parked before making his way into a community of townhouses.

The suspect entered a parked white van. But a Fullerton police officer blocked it in with his cruiser by parking it directly behind it. Unfazed, the suspect continued to ram the cruiser until he could elude the police car and flee at high speed.

Later, when the suspect arrived in Whittier. The van’s rear tire had failed, rendering it unusable. The suspect persisted in his attempts to flee, spinning the stripped rear wheel. Which eventually caused sparks to fly and started a fire underneath the van.

As police stood behind the car, the suspect climbed out of the passenger side and fled. He ran into a residential area. Where he entered a house and engaged in combat with Andres Benitez, one of the residents.

“My mother was on the couch, and we conversed while I had an energy drink in the kitchen. And then the back door opens, which is never supposed to happen under any circumstances. So when I noticed it was open, I immediately assumed someone was attempting to enter the home, Benitez told FOX 11.

Benitez claimed that he attempted to defend himself and his mother, who was also inside the house, by grabbing a knife.

I warned him to leave the house immediately, or I would stab him. He put his hands up and kept saying, “please, please,” after I told him that, indicating that he felt threatened. I’m going to defend the house because I know my mother is in there,” he declared.

The argument spilled out onto the front driveway, where the suspect grabbed Benitez’s truck keys before hopping into the white pickup truck and speeding away, almost hitting some of the neighbors.

According to Benitez, who spoke to Fox 11, he purchased the truck three weeks ago to aid in his family’s landscaping business.
“It was simply laborious. Since two years ago, I have had this as my goal, said.

During the pursuit, the suspect collided with numerous while operating a vehicle on the wrong side of several streets, giving the impression that he was trying to elude capture. The truck’s front driver’s side tire eventually lost air pressure and came off the machine.

Before the truck broke down at a gas station, the suspect hit several more vehicles. Deputies tried to box the suspect into the gas station, but he tried to run, so they opened fire on the truck as it crashed into their cars.

The man kept trying to run away, but deputies were able to put out a small fire underneath the truck while hiding behind a ballistic shield.

At about 6:15 p.m., deputies stopped the car and arrested the suspect. He was carried to a squad car and put inside before paramedics transported him to a hospital to treat unspecified injuries at approximately 6:30 p.m.

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