Widow, Witness to Road Rage Shooting Shares Her Story

A road-rage shooting widow is speaking up.

In September 2021, Idalia Cerna was a passenger when her husband, 24-year-old Hamzah Faraj, was shot and died. Cerna remembers her spouse by wearing both wedding bands. She described it as a commitment to love and stay together forever.

Married in 2020, Died in 2021

Faraj and his mother left Iraq for Fort Worth in 2013. Cerna was introduced to him by friends in 2017. Cerna called him friendly and amusing. They got married in 2020. He died on September 11, 2021.

“It was like an ordinary day,” Cerna said.

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He dropped off an order in Fort Worth when Cerna, who was in the passenger seat, claims a grey pickup vehicle stopped unusually close to them at the junction of Altamesa Boulevard and Kingswood Drive.

“He [Faraj] rang the bell.”Cerna remembered. ” The truck passed past us. We heard the gunfire after they pushed the window down and up.

Bullet fragments hit Cerna’s skull. “I attempted to wake him up, but he didn’t respond,” Cerna cried. Cerna said Faraj was wounded in the neck and hospitalised but died.

Unidentified suspects

“They weren’t harmed. Nobody bothered us. We worked,” Cerna stated. Cerna left Fort Worth after the murder.

“I lost our home. I lost everything,” she said. “That day changed me.”

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This month, CAIR-DFW said it was investigating the incident as a hate crime.

Fort Worth investigators have not termed it a hate crime. Police suspect a grey 4-door Dodge pickup. Fort Worth police seek case information at 817-392-4382.

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