Here’s the Reason Why Graham Wardle Retired from the Role of Ty Borden

From 2007 to 2021, Graham Wardle portrayed Ty Borden on Heartland. As a result of Wardle’s departure, Ty was killed off in Heartland’s 14th season premiere.

Wardle gave an interview to The Canadian Press after the debut of season 14 of Heartland on CBC to discuss his departure from the show.

Season 14 of “Heartland” marked Ty’s passing.

During the first season of Heartland, Ty starts working as a ranch hand for Heartland Ranch. After that, he goes to school to become a vet.

Perhaps Graham’s most notable role on the show was as the main love interest of Amy Fleming (Amber Marshall). Lyndy is the daughter of Amy and Ty, who got married.

Both Ty and Amy are shot by mistake at the end of the show’s 13th season, although they seem to recover without any lasting effects.

The season 14 premiere of Heartland features a tragic death for Ty in front of Amy, her grandfather Jack (Shaun Johnson), and Lyndy.

Ty’s death was attributed to deep vein thrombosis, a consequence of his gunshot wound.

Throughout Heartland Seasons 14 and 15, Amy works through her feelings of loss and attempts to move on.

Graham Wardle explained his departure from the show

Soon after the launch of Heartland Season 14, The Chronicle Journal published an email statement from Wardle in which he offered an explanation for his departure.

Wardle reportedly told the Canadian Press through email, as reported by The Chronicle Journal:

“I felt in my heart it was time to move in a new direction… I now host the ‘Time Has Come’ podcast, and there will be a future episode coming out where I plan to share much more about my decision and my appreciation for the 14 years I’ve spent on ‘Heartland.’”

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