Why Dad Assaults Teacher Over Masks at California School, Read in Detail

A Sutter Creek Elementary School teacher was attacked by a parent. The parent was mad because their child had to wear a mask.

On Wednesday, the first day of school was over. The incident happened about an hour after the end of school.

An Amador County Unified School District superintendent told KCRA 3 that an teacher had cuts and bruises on his face. He also had a knot on the back of his head.

A man verbally assaulted the school’s principal when his daughter walked out of the building wearing a mask. The situation escalated and a teacher got hurt. The teacher went to the hospital and was released at night.

The parent was frustrated because the school required people to wear masks when they are on campus. The district’s policy also says that teachers who have been vaccinated can take off their masks when students are not present. The district’s policy is in line with what the state health department requires.

Gibson sent a letter to families saying that if you hit someone at school, the school won’t let you come back. Listen to what they say and walk away if you need to.

The letter said, “We are not the ones making rules and mandates. But we need to follow them if we want our doors open and students in school five days a week.”

Gibson said she has gotten some angry emails after sending out the letter.

Parents on campus said that they support the teacher who was hurt. They said they are upset that a parent used violence at school.

“It is not okay when blood on the ground goes to where our children are,” one parent has said.

The superintendent said the parent can’t go to school. A police report was filed with Sutter Creek Police, and the district is working with the District Attorney’s office about this.

The police officer said if it is appropriate to press charges for the crime, they will do that. If they think it is not appropriate, then you should trust them.

KCRA 3 is waiting to hear back from the Sutter Creek Police Department about a copy of the report.

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