Who Is Leese M Arie? Is She Still Dating Rick Ness?

Rick Ness and his partner Leese Marie

Recently, reports about Rick Ness’s partner have been making the rounds on the Internet. According to reports, Rick was previously linked romantically to his co-star Karla Ann Charlton. She was a gold room operator and survival expert on Rick’s team.


Rick Ness has made his new relationship public following the disclosure of details about it photos of himself with his girlfriend. Leese Marie proves several fan theories wrong. Ness has never been open about his personal life, and he and Marie were recently body-shamed on the Internet. However, the couple handled it admirably, not “feeding the troll.”

While several sources identify Jen Ness as his ex-wife, other publications identify Jen as married to Randy Ness, the twin of Rick Ness, or formerly married to him.

Leese Marie, who is Rick Ness’s partner?

While little known about Leese Marie, she appears to be in her late 30s or early 40s. Her birthday is said to be October 25, but this cannot be confirmed. Rick announced on his Facebook page in April that Marie would appear in Gold Rush Season 12.

Rick expressed his appreciation to Marie on Facebook in August for accompanying him to the Yukon. Along with a photo of them, he wrote:

“Thanks to this babe right here, this mining season in The Yukon is by far the best by a long shot.”

Although her hometown and country are unknown, some fans believe Marie, like Rick Ness, is from Milwaukee.

Rick posted on Facebook on October 9 that he was almost finished sluicing on the Yukon site and was ready to return home to his partner Leese Marie. She had returned home about a month before. It indicates that the couple may have moved in together.

Leese Marie is currently residing in Milwaukee

In July, Ness shared photos of himself and his dog, Ruby, in front of an off-road buggy. It indicates that the couple goes off-roading frequently, as Rick has previously demonstrated his interest in the activity by posting pictures on Facebook.

Leese Marie appears to be even more private than Rick, as she has no public social media profiles.

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