White Man Pleads Guilty To Hate Crime For Threatening To Kill Blacks In Four States

A man from the suburbs of Seattle entered a plea of guilty to making interstate threats and the hate crime of interfering with a federally protected activity. It is after being accused of threatening to shoot black customers at grocery stores in Buffalo, New York, and other states.

Joey George, of Lynnwood, Pled Guilty on Monday

George, 37, acknowledged that as part of a plea deal, he had threatened to kill black customers at a grocery store in Buffalo, restaurants in California and Connecticut, and a marijuana shop in Maryland.

And because at least one firm was forced to shut as a result of his threats, he has committed to compensating the victims.

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George allegedly made calls to Buffalo grocery shops on July 19, 20, and 21, threatening to kill black customers.

George warned the employees to “take him seriously” and advised the customers to leave because he was “preparing to kill all black customers.”

Ten African-Americans were murdered and numerous others were injured in a shooting at Buffalo’s Tops Friendly Supermarket in May.

A white guy, 19, with links to white supremacist groups, was charged with committing a federal hate crime and has pleaded not guilty.

George Made Threats

Prosecutors said that in other calls he made to companies, he made threats against black people and, in one instance, Hispanic individuals.

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Local police officers used caller ID to track down the man, and he revealed to them that he had racial hatred.

Since his arrest in July, George has been behind bars. His sentencing is set for this coming December.

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