Where can we find Casey Anthony now?

Casey Anthony, who was accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter, was found not guilty of the crime in 2011.

In her new book, Casey Anthony: Where the Truth Lies, she reveals her side of the story.

Casey Anthony was tried for the 2008 murder of her daughter Caylee in Orange County, Florida. Caylee was just two years old.

As news of Caylee’s disappearance spread, people all around the country followed the story closely.

Peacock’s newest true crime docuseries, Casey Anthony: Where the Truth Lies, has the first on-screen interview with Casey Anthony since the trial.

Where is Casey Anthony now?

In July 2011, Casey Anthony was found not guilty of all charges against her, although she was found guilty of four counts of misdemeanor false information.

According to CNN, she received a four-year sentence, one year for each conviction, but she will serve her time prorated.

After three years in prison, she was freed on July 17, 2011, due in part to her excellent behavior.

What has happened to Casey Anthony?

Casey Anthony told the AP in 2017 that she “still isn’t even positive” about what happened to her daughter.

According to the publication, Anthony was still residing in South Florida at the time, in the house of Patrick McKenna, the main investigator for her defense team.

While under McKenna’s employ, she conducted some investigations. According to the source, she started a photography business in 2015 but shut it down in 2018.

Anthony has reportedly submitted paperwork to establish Case Research & Consulting Services, LLC, a private investigation firm, in West Palm Beach, Florida, in 2020, as reported by the Orlando Sentinel.

According to the Sentinel, Anthony lacked the certification to legally conduct private investigations in Florida.

Peacock’s docuseries, Casey Anthony: Where the Truth Lies, which revisits Anthony’s story, premieres on November 29.

People report that Anthony blames George for Caylee’s death and that she thought her daughter was still alive for an entire month.

According to People, she alleges, “He was standing there with her.” “She was thoroughly drenched. Suddenly, he had her in his hands, and I took her.

Someone blamed me for it. Which means that it was my fault. However, he did not immediately call for help or attempt CPR on her.

Having her in my arms, I was overcome with exhaustion and fell to the ground. She was sluggish and icy… When he takes her from me, his voice softens, and he assures me, “It’s going to be ok.”

It was in my best interest to accept his explanation. After he had taken her away from me, he left. She says, “I truly believed that Caylee was still alive over those 31 days.”

My dad assured me she would be fine, and he kept repeating it to me. My only option was to carry out his directives exactly as he had stated.

It was his instruction that I followed. In an effort to blend in, I pretended that nothing was wrong.

Source: Seventeen

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