When Will Season 2 of Bofuri Premiere? The Definitive Story, Teaser, and Latest Developments

For the second season, which will launch in January 2023, everyone’s favorite shield-wielder, Maple, is back (sorry, Shield Hero Naofumi), and she brings her game-changing antics with her.

The second installment of I’m Trying to Avoid Injury by Going to My Limit (BOFURI) was formerly scheduled for release in 2022. According to Kadokawa’s September 20, 2022 announcement, My Defense will be released in the crowded January 2023 window.

As shown in the preview PV and images, the goddess of protection, Maple, and her Maple Tree Guild are going to embark on new adventures in NewWorld Online.

Will Maple’s excellent fortune continue to cause problems for NewWorld’s creators? Her many admirers, both in and beyond the anime community, will be pleased to hear that.
Kadokawa and Silver Link have yet to announce the debut dates for Bofuri’s second season, but a premiere on January 4 is conceivable.

Silver Link can repeat Season 1’s success by releasing Bofuri Season 2 on January 4, 2023, the first Wednesday that is not a holiday.

The anticipated release date for Bofuri was set for the fall of 2022. While the September 20 announcement implied that production on Season 2 had been delayed until 2023, that was later confirmed.

After Silver Link maintained radio silence even as September arrived, speculation mounted that a postponement or cancellation was likely.

Fans may rest easy knowing that rumors of the anime’s cancellation have been put to rest thanks to Silver Link’s teaser PV and teaser visuals.

The official website for the anime has been updated with information regarding the second season, including when the first season will be repeated.

Anime BOFURI Season 2 Teaser

The above teaser PV was one of the most anticipated information for Bofuri fans in recent weeks.

Maple’s return to adventure calmed fans’ anxious souls.

The anime website posted a PV that gave viewers a taste of the exciting new world adventure that awaits the characters of Bofuri’s New World.

Members of the elite guilds Maple Tree, Kingdom of the Flame Emperor, and Congregation of the Holy Swords were featured prominently in the video.

The teaser image from October 6, 2022, which corroborated this, showed members of the Maple Tree guild riding Syrup and flying out into the distance, with the other two guilds close behind.

Discussing BOFURI’s Anime Plot and Hopes for Season 2
Can she be the final boss?

This opening sentence from the description of the first book of the Bofuri light novel series by Yen Press sums up Maple, a character created by VRMMO newbie Kaede Honjou, wonderfully.

And Maple is the result of story armor you can wear and not feel uncomfortable in.

Upon the urging of her best friend Sally, Kaede eventually gives the cutting-edge virtual reality game NewWorld Online a try.

Sally is a professional gamer who consistently achieves top results and receives recognition for her efforts. Unfortunately, Kaede has to fend for herself for a few days because her mother forbids her from playing.

Kaede continues to develop her character, naming her Maple and opting for a massive shield as her primary weapon.

Any dedicated player of role-playing games knows the importance of carefully balancing stats between different classes of jobs and other factors.

Instead, Kaede prioritizes increasing her VIT to strengthen her defenses. She continues practicing until her skin is thicker than the town’s walls.

Thanks to Kaede’s incredible defenses and some good fortune, Maple transforms into a mobile fortress with high-quality weapons (not the stat one).

Her real-world logic is weird inside the game, but for some reason, Maple always wins and receives tremendous improvements as she blunders her way to the top.

Sally joins the game later, and together, they gather new friends and form one of the strongest guilds in NewWorld Online, Maple Tree.

After Season 1 of Bofuri, Maple Tree scores a stunning victory over the Congregation of the Holy Swords.

With the help of Payne of the Holy Swords, Maple is nearly hacked to death. Since it’s Maple, she recovers from being down to a single health bar.

Using a talent named Atrocity from her Black Rose Armor, Maple turns into a giant demon. And the OP is piled on top of the OP.

Defeating the other Holy Swords, Maple helps her guild earn third place overall.

The following season should see a re-energized Maple Tree ready for further action after this triumph.

Fans can expect another string of conflicts and encounters that will strengthen Maple and her squad and make the NewWorld devs cry, as the PV and graphics in the teaser suggested.

Originally released as part of the Shsetsuka ni Naru movement of popular self-published novels, Bofuri (or Bofuri: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt. Therefore I’ll Max Out My Defense) is a popular series of Japanese light novels.

Bofuri was started in 2016 by author Yuumikan, and Koin illustrated it

In 2017, the first volume of this light novel was published by Fujimi Shobo under their Kadokawa Books banner. As of August 2022, 14 books have been published since then.

In the wake of Jir Oimoto’s manga adaptation, which debuted in May of 2018, Kadokawa announced an anime series based on the property Bofuri for the latter half of the year.

The first season aired Between January and March 2020, and a Second season was confirmed at the end of the finale.

The second season premiere of Bofuri was supposed to air in 2022. However, it was pushed back to January of 2023.


After the delay was announced in September 2022, supporters were reassured by a teaser PV. On October 6, 2022, a commissioned teaser image was also unveiled.

Kadokawa revealed the following season’s opening and closing themes and the performers that would perform them on November 10, 2022.

“Kono Tate ni, Kakuremasu” will be sung by the female vocal group Junko no Afilia as the opening theme.

Another group called FRAM will perform the ending theme, “Step for Joy.”

These songs’ complete versions will be made available on February 28 and January 25, respectively.

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