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What is the Status of the Fourth Stimulus Check? Is It Coming?


More than 169 million stimulus checks were distributed during the third and most recent nationwide stimulus check, but calls for a fourth check keeps growing.

Many have even argued for recurring payments throughout the COVID-19 pandemic until this disease is declared over.

Federal government payments totaling three thousand two hundred dollars have been made to eligible adults so far. Another one thousand two hundred dollars came from the Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security Act was signed in March 2020; six hundred dollars were included in the December relief measure, and one thousand four hundred dollars came from the American Rescue Plan signed by President Joe Biden in March 2021.

Many Americans face Financial Uncertainty

People in the United States are worried about the impact COVID-19’s Delta and Omicron variants will have on their jobs or their search for work.

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After polling people for two weeks in late August, the latest census survey data reveal almost a quarter of Americans struggled to pay their household expenses in the previous week.

Further, US unemployment has remained high at 5.2%, worse than 3.5% during the pre-pandemic.

Currently, companies are continuing to hire. Amazingly, the number of people on payrolls is still roughly 5.3 million less than pre-pandemic levels.

Will there be another Stimulus Check?

In March 2021, 21 democrat senators signed a letter that said the $1,400 payment wouldn’t help people for too long in response to a Change.org petition calling for recurring monthly $2,000 payments.

A recurring payment plan failed to gain enough traction, however. It has been decided by some states to handle this on their own, and so low-and middle-income residents in California received payments for filing their 2020 tax returns, and teachers in Florida and Texas received bonuses as well.

“I think it’s unlikely at this time,” Raymond James analyst Ed Mills said when asked whether a fourth stimulus could be forthcoming.

  1. Paula says

    I don’t qualify for any of stimulus checks for seniors I’m not a homeowner and I can’t afford what they quoted me it’s higher than 15.00
    Where is the stimulus of 1400.00
    You promised. You give all these people that come over from other countries but you can’t help seniors. Something is wrong with your priorities

  2. Denise Howe says

    We do need another stimulus check. It would help a lot.

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