What is AS (Adult Swim) on TikTok? The trend explained

The Adult Swim trend is taking over TikTok, also called the “AS” trend. Here’s what it means and what song is playing in the videos.

Every week, there is a new TikTok trend. This time, TikTokers are showing their followers how creative they are by making the famous “bumps” from Adult Swim.

Now, if you’ve never seen or heard of Adult Swim, you might be wondering what the heck it means and why everyone is so crazy about the videos.

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Don’t worry, it’s not a sexual trend or anything, but it does make a reference to popular culture from the 2000s, which Gen Z users might not get.

Here’s an explanation of the new Adult Swim TikTok trend, along with some of the best viral videos that have been shared so far.

How does Adult Swim work on TikTok?

Here’s what you need to know about Adult Swim if you haven’t heard of it before. Adult Swim is a block of late-night programming on Cartoon Network that is geared toward adults and has shows that are definitely not for kids.

Rick and Morty, Robot Chicken, and The Eric Andre Show are some of the shows that usually air on Adult Swim.

Adult Swim also shows old episodes of famous cartoons like American Dad!, Family Guy, and Bob’s Burgers.

The new TikTok trend, on the other hand, is based on the random, weird, and sometimes good bumpers or “bumps” that air before and after commercials to promote the channel’s own shows.

What song is the Adult Swim TikTok hit?

People are making their own Adult Swim bumpers on TikTok. These bumpers either say “[adult swim]/[as]” or have random sentences or thoughts written over the video.

The trend went viral because user @supvano shared several “bumps” that were based on Adult Swim and had a self-made beat that sampled BADBADNOTGOOD’s “Time Moves Slow.”

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VANO has said that the beat is coming out soon. So far, the TikTok hashtag #AdultSwim has been seen more than 777 million times, and some of the most popular videos on the trend have gotten a lot of views and likes.

Most of the time, the videos show a random place, and sometimes people walk into or out of the frame or go about their day without ever looking at the camera.

Some creative TikTok users have taken the trend a step further by hiding the ‘[as]’ logo at the end of their videos and then revealing it at the end.

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