Weather Alert: Bay Area Faces Rain, Snow Potential as Low-Pressure System Approaches

On Wednesday morning (Feb 7, 2024), a spinning low-pressure system off the coast of Oregon brought bands of rain to the San Francisco Bay area.

More rain is anticipated throughout the day, with the National Weather Service predicting a touch of snow on Mount Hamilton near San Jose.

The mountains around the Big Sur coast, south of the Bay Area, have a higher likelihood of snow.

As a cold air mass from the Pacific Northwest moves into the region, temperatures will drop, and snow may fall, according to Nicole Sarment, a weather service forecaster.

Weather Alert Bay Area Faces Rain, Snow Potential as Low-Pressure System Approaches

Sarment predicted that afternoon highs in the Bay Area would be in the low to mid-50s on Wednesday.

Overnight low temperatures are predicted to be substantially colder, with upper 30s in the interior East Bay, mid-30s in the North Bay, and mid-40s near the bayfront and coast, including downtown San Francisco.

“Overnight, it’s going to be chilly,” she warned.

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Widespread snow on the Bay Area’s highest summits is doubtful, but Mount Hamilton may receive a dusting.

Snow levels in the Santa Lucia Mountains in Big Sur are predicted to drop to 2,900 feet today.

“The Santa Lucia Mountains could see 4 to 5 inches of snow,” Sarment said.

Cold air mass brings chance for snow to greater SF Bay Area:

Scattered rain showers are expected across the Bay Area throughout the day, with the majority of places receiving approximately 0.5 inches. Totals in the North Bay could be slightly lower.

Conditions are forecast to dry out on Thursday, with dry weather continuing into the weekend. High pressure is expected to build over the region, resulting in higher temperatures and a clearer sky.

Saturday and Sunday afternoon highs are forecast to range from the high 50s to the low 60s across the region.

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