We Were Not Prepared for Walmart’s Replacement for McDonald’s

McDonald’s restaurants that were previously located inside several of Walmart’s retail stores around the country have been gradually phased out over the last several years.

Now, an unexpected newcomer is attempting to resurrect the shuttered stores and rejuvenate the neighborhood. Several outlets of Shawarma Press have debuted in Walmart stores, according to a report by Eat This, Not That. The company wants to create additional locations in the future.

When McDonald’s and Walmart formed a previous relationship, the companies built 700 fully-equipped restaurants inside Walmart stores around the country.

However, the outlets all began closing their doors approximately a decade ago. Other fast-food restaurants have attempted to take over the locations in a variety of ways, with varying degrees of success, but none have succeeded quite like Shawarma Press.

When it comes to fast-food franchises, this one is on the rise, and gaining a foothold in Walmart shops would be a significant step forward for the company.

Shawarma Press is already well-known in several regions of Texas for its delicious sandwiches. It provides shawarma in a “fusion” style, which is a Middle Eastern meal that consists of thinly sliced meat grilled on a cone and chopped into bowls, platters, salads, or wraps, among other things.

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Tandoori Press, Tex-Mex Shawarma, and other variations on the classic meal are available from Shawarma Press, which takes these variations even farther.

Shawarma Press has had significant growth over the last five years and is likely to continue to grow in the future.

A statement from the firm’s founder and CEO, Sawsan Abublan, to journalists, stated that the company’s move into the Walmart Supercenter in Plano, Texas, is “anticipated to be finished in early November,” and that the company expects to see further expansion in future.

“We were the first place in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex to provide shawarma,” Abublan explained. “Some people are unfamiliar with the term, so we explain that shawarma refers to the wrap, and ‘press’ refers to the grill or griddle that is used to make the wrap crispy and delicious.

It is appreciated by our customers since shawarma and the rest of our dishes are prepared from scratch, including Mediterranean classics such as our famous hummus, falafel, and sauces, among other things.”

“We’re happy to have this opportunity to offer our fast-casual Mediterranean food idea to the general public,” Abublan continued. ‘With ten new franchisees set to open at Walmart and other locations, the timing couldn’t be better for us to introduce people to the numerous exquisite flavors and health advantages of Mediterranean cuisine.’

A growing number of Shawarma Press outlets are cropping up in Florida, Texas, and Oklahoma, with more openings on a regular basis.

If the company’s cooperation with Walmart continues, it may leave 700 eateries available for purchase.

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