Wayne County Community Faces Water Crisis, Firefighters Extend Helping Hand

After the cold weather that occurred this week, there are some people in Wayne County who have not had access to water for several days.

On Thursday, a few firefighters from Wayne County came to the rescue.

When firefighters arrived at the scene, residents of the Sunlight neighborhood brought coolers and buckets to fill with water for bathing and other purposes.

Some in Wayne County dealing with water issues:

There was also the distribution of bottled water.

According to Chief Lawrence Taylor of the Progress Volunteer Fire Department, there had been water problems in the community in the past due to storms, but such problems had never occurred due to cold weather.

Take a moment to catch these news:

The department made arrangements to store its water tank at a local church for the convenience of those individuals who would otherwise have to travel a considerable distance to reach the closest store.

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