Washington Gov. Jay Signs Executive Order To Switch To All-Electric Vehicles

As part of a recent executive order, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee plans to switch to an all-electric fleet of vehicles by 2035.

Under the order, signed Nov. 3, all of Inslee’s 24 executive branch agencies must transition to battery-powered electric vehicles by replacing internal combustion engines in passengers’ cars and light trucks.

Within three years, at least 40% of the fleet must be electric, and that percentage will increase to 75% by 2030 and 100% by 2035, according to the Herald of Everett reports.

Inslee wants to see 30 percent of medium- and heavy-duty vehicles and trucks use electric power by 2030, and 100 percent by 2040.

For agencies that do not have access to battery-powered models, the “lowest-emission, cost-effective option” such as plug-in hybrid electric will be acquired.

More than 5,000 state-owned vehicles are covered, with the overwhelming majority of them running on gasoline or diesel.

To comply with the targets, each agency must present a plan with costs and a timetable.

As part of his participation in the Conference of Parties in Glasgow, Scotland, where he was seeking to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Inslee announced had the order.

To comply with the targets, each agency under the Washington governor must prepare a plan with associated costs and a timetable.

“Together with the rest of the leaders here and those everywhere else today who are committed to this fight, we will lead the charge on de-carbonizing the transportation sector,” Governor Inslee said.

According to a spokeswoman for Governor Inslee, the governor is working with legislators to secure funds for additional electric vehicle charging stations.

Funding from the federal government will be sought as well.

A zero-emission mandate for new cars in Washington starting in 2035 was also mentioned by Inslee on Monday.

Additionally, he endorsed zero net emissions growth by 2030 for new building construction.

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