Washington County Board Appoints Gary Sweat as New Solicitor

Gary Sweat, an attorney from Washington, has been named the incoming solicitor for Washington County’s Board of Commissioners.

This decision was jointly announced by Commissioner Nick Sherman and commissioner-elect Electra Janis, heralding a new era as they prepare to assume leadership alongside Democratic Commissioner Larry Maggi.

Jana Grimm Leaves, Gary Sweat Joins

Sweat’s appointment follows the imminent departure of Jana Grimm, the current solicitor, who will step down before the new board officially commences its duties.

The board’s transition to the new leadership is set to take place during the swearing-in ceremony scheduled for Tuesday morning, followed by a reorganization meeting later in the day.

Gary Sweat’s Journey: From Avella High to Lawyer

Born and raised in Washington County, Gary Sweat graduated from Avella High School in 1970.

He pursued a double major in economics and history at Syracuse University before completing his law degree with honors from Syracuse University College in 1977.

Sweat’s affiliations include memberships in esteemed legal associations such as the American Bar Association, Pennsylvania Bar Association, and Washington County Bar Association.

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Gary Sweat’s New Role: Changing the Commissioner’s Team

Sweat’s selection signifies a shift in leadership for the Board of Commissioners. With his deep ties to the county and extensive legal experience, he is poised to navigate the board’s legal matters effectively.

As the board undergoes a significant change in personnel, Sweat’s expertise is anticipated to play a pivotal role in guiding the commissioners through legal proceedings and matters of governance.

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