Walton County Shoppers’ New Year’s Resolutions Shared

As the New Year rings in, Walton County shoppers are gearing up with resolutions, but their targets for 2024 vary widely.

While saving money and getting fit often top the list elsewhere, locals here have unique ambitions for the year ahead.

Diverse Dreams for the New Year

Wesley Westendorf aims to soar higher in his flying career by completing his instrument training, securing a commercial license, and working towards becoming a CFI.

Marcie Davis prioritizes making cherished memories with loved ones while staying true to her commitments.

Mixed Sentiments on Resolutions

Not everyone’s jumping on the resolution train. Mike Foushee is bidding adieu to New Year’s resolutions altogether.

Meanwhile, Ray Foushee, a fervent Alabama Crimson Tide fan, wishes for his team’s triumph in the National Championship.

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Shared Wishes for a Great 2024

While fitness goals didn’t make the cut for most, shoppers unanimously wish for a fantastic year ahead for everyone.

Ray emphasizes the importance of balance, believing it’s vital in life. On the other hand, Westendorf encourages dreaming big, urging everyone to chase their aspirations without limits.

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