Walmart’s After-Christmas Sale: Find and Shop the Hottest Discount Deals Online

Walmart continues its holiday sales despite the close of Christmas. In an effort to lure nervous shoppers away from their computers and to Walmart stores, the retailer started its Black Friday promotions in early November, beginning October promotions.

While the number of consumers shopping in-store increased over last year, it was down by over 28% compared to pre-pandemic levels, a Sensormatic Solutions analysis shows. Reports CNBC state that early promotions will allow for a longer shopping season, which makes discounts less important than in previous years.

According to GoBankingRates, There were also fewer discounts this year. Compared with last year, Cyber Monday discounts on electronics decreased from 27% to 12% this year, and discounts on TVs declined from 18% to 13%.

What a Walmart After-Christmas Sale Is Like

Shopping on the day after Christmas has become one of the most popular times of the year for retailers, as it is one of their last chances to move an abundant amount of merchandise. Both the corporate level, which provides sales information to stores, and the store level make decisions about Christmas sales based on how well merchandise has sold thus far and inventories as they approach Christmas.

Markdowns are also affected by the day of the week when Christmas falls. In this year’s calendar, Christmas falls on a Saturday, so many people have the next day off, allowing stores to boost sales of Christmas goods.

Compared with pre-pandemic levels, Super Saturday sales were down 26.3%. With Black Friday underwhelming, Walmart might use aggressive discounts on Dec. 26 and beyond to draw customers into stores.

There are usually steeper discounts after Christmas regardless of the day of the week.

“Before the holidays, brands are competing for your dollar against their competitors, but after the holidays, they have to convince you to buy altogether,” said Estee Goldschmidt, CEO, and co-founder of ShopDrop, a shopping app that helps urban fashion lovers discover sample sales.

The process may be a bit easier this year than in the past. If a rethinking of travel and entertainment spending is prompted by the omicron variant, then consumers might spend more in stores.

We’ll show you what you can expect to save money on after-Christmas deals this year, and which products will be discounted. So you can take complete advantage of Walmart’s after-Christmas sales in 2021

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There are many pre-Christmas deals on home entertainment and home office tech products, but streaming devices are particularly discounted. The Apple watch and high-end earbuds are also available at surprisingly affordable prices.

The overall size of pre-Christmas television discounts was smaller this year than last year, but some exceptions might translate to after-Christmas sales. Several smartphones are also discounted at Walmart.

In the past year, there were discounts on video game systems. Walmart did not offer dollars-off deals on game systems this year, but it did offer “special buys” on it and its accessories e.g. PlayStation Plus membership cards. Come Dec. 26, the deals might be a little more generous depending on how well video game merchandise did before Christmas.

Likewise, keep an eye out for products that automate your home. Many of them were heavily discounted prior to Christmas, and they may be discounted after as well.

Here are some specific electronics products to watch:

Health and Beauty

You should consider buying holiday-packaged cosmetics and bath gift sets after Christmas as they will automatically be reduced at midnight on Dec. 25. Personal care items including electric toothbrushes, massagers, and ethnicity test kits may also be on sale, as they were all discounted before Christmas.

You can find some of the biggest after-Christmas discounts on health and beauty products here:


Toy discounts were scarce in Walmart’s Black Friday circular for 2021, but it offered special deals on these items. The Walmart Top-Rated by Kids Toy List for 2021 still had a modest number of toys on sale as late as Dec. 23, including popular brands like Star Wars, Lego, Fisher-Price, and Disney. The list included discounts of up to 40% on dolls and up to 50% off games and Nerf. There were also discounts on electronic toys from V-Tech.

The following items were marked down before Christmas and should continue to be afterward.


Walmart’s after-Christmas sales should highlight cookware, small appliances, and furniture as well as the holiday-decor clearance shelves. Black Friday deals focused mostly on special buys without any savings listed. Nevertheless, the steepest discounts were found in any of the products close to Christmas. The sale included a number of air fryers, vacuums, and celebrity chef-branded products.

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After Christmas, pay attention to the following home items:

Other Products

Jewelry, clothing and sporting goods are likely to be among Walmart’s best after-Christmas sales. Fine jewelry was marked down 80% or more after Cyber Monday, for example.

After Christmas, winter clothing is most likely to be on sale. “Sweaters, coats, and boots tank in price after holidays,” Goldschmidt explained.

For after-Christmas sales, indoor items like game tables and exercise equipment are good bets. Both categories enjoy pre-Christmas discounts of around 50%. Based on pre-Christmas sales, basketball systems and trampolines will also be discounted, with a minimum of 10% to 30% reductions and a few steeper markdowns.

You can get the following discounts on the products above after Christmas:

Walmart’s sale prices go beyond

While the price might be the primary motivator for consumers to buy, convenience, health, and safety are equally important. Walmart hopes to reward consumers more than ever by offering curbside pickup and delivery, providing more customer service staff, and allowing touch-free payments.

As of Dec. 23, 2021, prices and promotions are accurate as of the date stated.

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