Viral TikTok shows a woman tracking her boyfriend’s location and catching him out on a date.

When you learn that your partner isn’t as invested in your relationship as you are, it’s a blow to your psyche. It’s much harder when you learn that they’re seeing or talking to other people romantically.

Each person’s path through such grief is unique. With your Louisville Slugger in your S.O.’s 4-wheel drive, you might be Carrie Underwood.



As a last resort, you could just dump them over text and go about your own business before returning to dating and meeting other people whenever you’re ready, so to speak.

Then there are those who decide to “get back” at their ex by immediately embarking on a dating/hookup spree.

It’s possible to find out for yourself if your significant other is cheating if you suspect them of it and decide to investigate for yourself.

When a TikToker decided to see what her boyfriend’s reaction would be, the results were both sad and entertaining.

It’s possible that Cyn saw something odd about her boyfriend’s conduct, so she decided to track his whereabouts on his phone and found out that he was dining out.

In order to find out what was going on, she went to the restaurant where she found her boyfriend with another woman. Despite the fact that they were sitting next to each other, she sat in the booth immediately in front of him.

In the end, she was able to catch the exact moment when he discovered that she had caught him red-handed on TikTok. In the video, she commented, “Just checked my boyfriend’s location and saw him on a date.”

“He noticed me but can’t wait to see them outside,” stated the caption for the video.

People seemed to enjoy Cyn’s story and want to hear more of hers, but there were also those who felt that the whole thing was staged and that the TikToker was only uploading it to gain popularity and views.

The “Fly on the Wall” reenactments that are so popular on Snapchat Stories have a somewhat more realistic feel for them on TikTok.

Let’s pretend the video is authentic for the sake of argument. What transpired between Cyn and her boyfriend as a result? What happened to her?

What happened between her and him and the female he took on a date? Her social media accounts, however, show that she and her ex-boyfriend are still together since she frequently posts videos of the two of them together.

Think about it. Is the whole thing a hoax? Was he cheating on her, and she caught him in the act, and they’ve since made amends? Have you ever spied a significant other lurking around while they believed you were completely unaware of their presence?

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