Video Shows coyote Grabbing Toddler Outside California Home, Then Dad Intervenes

Security footage shows a California man saving his kid from a coyote on the pavement outside his house.

Ariel Eliyahuo told that he was retrieving his daughter’s toys from his SUV as she played on the pavement after returning from preschool in Woodland Hills on Friday, Dec. 2.

Released security Footage

Eliyahu told KNBC that she heard her screaming and sobbing and believed she had fallen before seeing the coyote. KNBC and other Los Angeles TV stations released security footage of a coyote dragging the kid along the pavement by her leg.

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Unlimited digital access One-month free trial The footage shows Eliyahu running around the SUV and confronting the animal, making it drop his child and flee. He grabs her and throws a water bottle at the coyote, which flees.

“I realised her jeans were splattered with blood,” parent Shira Eliyahu told KNBC. KTLA reported that the child was hospitalised for leg scratches and given a rabies injection. Top stories today The Afternoon Update delivers the day’s top news to your inbox.

Join reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy and Terms of Service to safeguard this site. KTTV said that wildlife authorities would gather DNA from the girl’s clothes to identify the coyote.

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“This coyote has been a major problem on this street for weeks,” Patrick Foy, a California Department of Fish and Wildlife public information officer, told the Los Angeles Times.

“We had previously been talking about this since there were earlier concerns about the coyote possibly harming pets,” Foy told the magazine.

He recorded seven human-coyote assaults in Los Angeles County this year. If located, the toddler-attacking coyote will be euthanized.

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