Video Footage Shows Arizona Cops Apprehending Soho Hotel Murder Suspect

The dramatic moment that police in Arizona apprehend the career criminal sought for the brutal murder of a Queens mother at a Soho hotel is captured on recently released bodycam footage.

On February 18, Raad Almansoori, 26, was still operating the stolen sedan he had taken the day before when Scottsdale police apprehended him in a parking garage and placed handcuffs on him, as evidenced by a State of Arizona Facebook post.

Almansoori was apprehended by the NYPD in the Grand Canyon State a few days after they claim he beat and strangled 38-year-old escort Denisse Oleas-Arancibia inside the Soho 54 Hotel on February 7, purportedly during an out-of-control crime spree.

Since then, his arrest has given rise to a legal dispute between Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and a prosecutor from Arizona.

Bragg’s fear that Almansoori won’t be kept behind bars has caused Maricopa County Attorney Rachel Mitchell to refuse to extradite Almansoori back to Manhattan.

Video Footage Shows Arizona Cops Apprehending Soho Hotel Murder Suspect (1)

Last week, the two prosecutors’ verbal spat broke out, with Mitchell focusing on Bragg’s reputation as a soft-on-crime cop and the Manhattan DA accusing her of playing politics and “grandstanding.”

According to police sources, Almansoori’s purported crime spree started when he arrived in New York from Florida at the end of January, scheduled a date with Oleas-Arancibia for February 7, and then killed her when they allegedly disagreed over the amount of time he had paid for.

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The accused murderer was seen on surveillance cameras taking off from the hotel while wearing the victim’s light-colored tights, which were allegedly covered in blood from the brutal attack that claimed his life.

He took a flight to Arizona on February 12 before being named as a person of interest in the case, and within a week, he began a spree of criminal activity, according to authorities.

On February 17, authorities said, he allegedly carjacked a woman in Phoenix, stabbed her, and then fled with her car.

The next day, he is charged with intimidating a Surprise, Arizona, McDonald’s employee by allegedly cornering her in a restroom, brandishing a gun at her, then stabbing her when she cried out.

Look at the tweet that was officially shared by the New York Post:

Due to charges from both incidents, Almansoori is currently being held without being able to post bail at the Maricopa County Jail. Mitchell is adamant that she will prosecute him for those offenses before considering returning him to New York to face murder charges in the Soho hotel slaying.

According to police, the suspect has resided in Arizona, Florida, and Texas. He has a history of arrests and offenses in each of these states, including a Florida bust for assaulting a woman, for which he was released on bond.

When Almansoori was brought into jail in Scottsdale, he allegedly confessed to the authorities about the murder in Manhattan as well as the two violent occurrences in Arizona.

Although he is the prime suspect in the murder investigation in New York, investigators said he has not been formally charged since he is still being held in custody in Arizona.

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