Vernon Lady Celebrates Her 104th Birthday

Blanche Schley, who really enjoys eating meat, celebrated her 104th birthday with a delicious birthday cake on Wednesday, Nov. 29. Even though she missed her favorite meal, she was okay with it.

Blanche lives at Heritage Square in Vernon and was thrilled to have the staff she’s known for seven years fussing over her on her special day.

According to Aniko Lseles, Blanche’s care aid, she’s a lively storyteller and often talks fondly about her dad. Blanche has a knack for finishing her meals, especially when it comes to meat, which everyone thinks is why she’s so strong.

Born in St. Isidore-de-Bellevue, Saskatchewan, in 1919, Blanche is the eldest among her 13 siblings. She left school in the 7th grade to help out on the family farm, which was home to many animals.

In her late teens, she moved to Saskatoon and worked at the hospital sewing department. Eventually, she moved to British Columbia where she met her husband, Carl Schley. They got married in 1953 and had a wonderful family with three children, six grandchildren, and later, 14 great-grandchildren.

Vernon Lady Celebrates Her 104th Birthday
Vernon Lady Celebrates Her 104th Birthday

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For 50 years, Blanche lived in New Westminster before settling in Vernon. She didn’t have a job outside the home but was always there for anyone who needed her help.

Sewing was one of her passions, which made her a perfect fit for the sewing department at the Saskatoon hospital. Even in her later years, she continued to sew. She loved gardening too and was known for her caring nature and a great sense of humor.

Music was a big part of Blanche’s life, and she used to cook her own meals, especially enjoying different kinds of food, with meat being her favorite.

At Heritage Square, she spends time in the courtyard, especially on sunny days, enjoys visits from animals, and loves musical entertainment.

Occasionally, she participates in Bingo and fitness sessions, sticking to her unique routine of staying awake for two days straight and then sleeping for another two days.

During her birthday celebration, Blanche chatted happily with the staff, smiling for photos and embracing the joyful occasion.

Aniko Lseles mentioned, “She’s a very happy lady.”

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