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Vehicle Crashes into Taco Stand, Causing One Death and Several Injuries

A family, apparently from Los Angeles, who set up their taco cart on the sidewalk in front of the popular Cardenas Market was a valued but faceless part of the fabric of northwest Pomona.

Tuesdays are two for ten dollars for pastor and tortas, and many enjoy their cuisine without knowing the names of the sellers.

“I normally have two tacos,” said 17-year-old Janice Garbanzo, who came with her parents to pay homage on Saturday. “The pastor would always add a large chunk of pineapple to the dish. I hope he’s OK. “

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On Friday night, an eastbound vehicle on Holt Avenue crossed the westbound lanes and smashed into the taco shop, killing one customer and injuring 12 others.

Gilberto Cazares Payan, a 52-year-old father of four from Pomona, was declared dead at the scene on Friday night.

Ten Sent to Hospitals, Three of Them in Serious Condition

The Pomona Police Department had not revealed the identities of further victims or provided an update on their health as of Saturday afternoon, and it was unclear if the wounded were consumers or merchants.

Several people who saw the sellers on Saturday said they didn’t know much about them, but they thought they lived in Los Angeles and ran two more taco stands in San Bernardino County.

Janice’s father, Erick Garbanzo, said, “They were decent people.”

He said that he often visited with his wife and three children.

“I recall the face of the woman with whom we used to Zelle,” Garbanzo recalled. “And the minister. He was always courteous.

“They were never given names, but I know there were maybe four or five of them,” he claimed. They comprised a family. They did not speak English very well. However, they were really hardworking.”

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Garbanzo said that Holt Avenue’s traffic always concerned him. His family would wait in the vehicle while he waited in line alone.

“We are deeply saddened by what has occurred,” he added. We are praying for the safety of the remaining men.

The driver of the vehicle, a 26-year-old Pomona woman, was in police custody. Pomona Police Department spokesman Aly Mejia said that it had not been determined if drugs or alcohol were involved.

Motorist Detained in the Municipal Prison

On Saturday morning, the Police Department announced on its Facebook page that the motorist was being detained in the municipal prison on charges of vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence. He hit-and-run with death/injury.

The lady first left the scene before turning herself in around an hour and a half later.

The abandoned vehicle, the wrecked cart, and the shade canopy were all gone. As proof of the previous night’s fright, bits of pork and cheese that had fallen into the bushes separating the parking lot from the pavement remained.

Patrons of the taco business and those who were intrigued crowded around the area, leaving candles and flowers.

Maritza Jimenez said, “We determined that we would investigate.” “Flowers were required if we were to pause and visualise what was happening.”

Huge Fans of Street Tacos

She said, “We don’t really come down here.” The fact that it was a taco business in the city of Pomona, though, brings it close to home.

52-year-old Javier Romero said that he evaded becoming a victim by luck.

He brought his two daughters to the strip mall near Holt Avenue and Dudley Street to pay a phone bill and purchase food. He lacked the funds to purchase tacos, so they headed to the market instead.

As they left, disorder erupted in front of them.

Romero said, “I saw everything all over the place.” “Like people flying in that direction, a woman beside the driveway.”

He heard screams but was unable to discern the words.

“Everyone is shouting,” he said. Everyone is yelling. I believe I have two minutes to live.”

Romero appreciated the family working at the booth but knew nothing about them.

“It’s just tragic,” he remarked. It consists of hardworking men attempting to provide for their families.

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