‘Valor Award’ 13 Chicago Police Officers Receive The Honor

13 police officers who were injured while on duty were honored by the Chicago police memorial foundation. The men and women were honored for their bravery and dedication to serving the people of Chicago.

Officers who have displayed remarkable bravery and dedication to the city are recognized each year by the nonprofit organization with awards.

According to its website, the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation is committed to remembering the lives of fallen police heroes. It has helped the families of police officers who were killed or gravely hurt while performing their duties. It holds a number of activities to raise money for its projects, which include purchasing officers’ bulletproof jackets and helmets.

This year, 13 persons received Valor Awards, along with one K-9 officer. Raven Hoskins, Mark Bean, Zachary Carmen, Crane Julamoke, Julius Givens, Matthew Pufpaf, Anthony Graffeo, Rudy Estrada, Felipe Zamorano, Fernanda Ballesteros, Erik Moreno, and Jaime Avila were among the 12 cops.

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