Vaccines Update: No Covid-19 Vaccine Doesn’t Stay in Your Body For Years

Recently, Australia has been witnessing the unrivaled biological effect of Covid 19 as they are on the verge of achieving the target of vaccination in their country.

Nowadays, too much information is available and circulating over the internet. Due to that, some of the myths start to pretend like a fact. One of such myths is regarding Covid 19 vaccine effects that it remains in your body for a longer time. 

But that is not true.

Actually, your body flushes it out of its system in a short span as soon as it detects it as a virus, like any other virus. However, your body will maintain immunity against it. And keep the impact of that immunity for a longer time.

That means the vaccine prepares and energizes our immune system in advance to fight against Covid 19 if ever we catch it in the future.

Let’s proceed further to understand it properly.



Let me explain the primary goal of any vaccine. It is to introduce your body to the infection eliminating the risk involved with the disease. 

We can say that our body has to go through the same process to create immunity against that virus as it has to go through while getting caught with it. That means a vaccine works in creating immunity in our body by giving exposure to it with the same kind of virus. 

The actual virus, when entering the human body, use our cells to replicate themselves and expand. So, the vaccines are also pricked directly in protein cells so that they can imitate the virus components very easily. The cells in our body take the genetic sample of the vaccine to make similar spikes of coronavirus protein. 

Similar to this, the Covid 19 vaccine, when injected into our body through upper arm muscle cells, transmits messages to the brain through mRNA. All the vaccines available in the market, either Moderna, Pfizer Biotech, or AstraZeneca, work in the same pattern. 

These work in the same pattern, even if they have been made using different technological measures. With the help of spike protein, it gets the way to enter the virus into the surface of the cell. That is when our immune system detects it. 

Then cells present in the human immunity system transmit the message to the brain to fight against Covid 19. That signals the body to start producing antibodies, including B and T cells. B cells make antibodies; however, T cells kill the virus cells present in the human body. 

Then they remain active for a long time and restore memory cells to fight against the virus if ever it enters into the body. 

So what happens to the vaccine?

When the human body builds immunity against the virus, it breaks and flushes out the vaccine itself. 

Basically, these mRNA vaccines are injected in a fatty shell that abridges into a group of particles. As soon as it enters the surface of the cell, the outer fatty shell gets devalued. But the mRNA is used for further procedures. Simply it is injected as a recipe for spike protein.

Once it is processed in your body and produced protein, the immune system breaks it and throws it out. These mRNAs are actually so weak that they have to be preserved at ultra-low temperatures. This fatty shell mRNA is used in Moderna and Pfizer. 

However, Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca made vector vaccines. They made the vaccine through adenovirus that doesn’t harm the human body. But it transmits the genetic template spike protein to the cell through vectors. 

The vector which transmits the genetic template in the body doesn’t have any kind of infection. That means it doesn’t make any changes in our DNA. Usually, this procedure can produce large multiples of the virus, but like all, it was hindered earlier, so it only helps produce spike protein.

Same as the fatty shells, these genetic templates also break down and are thrown out of the body after being produced in larger numbers.

What about the spike protein?

If the vaccines are flushed out of the body within a few days, what happens with produced spike protein in such large quantities?

So these proteins are treated as a foreign objects in our body by the immune system. It is actually destroyed and makes the cells familiar and memorizes the coronavirus so that they can react in the same way if ever exposed to it.

Even it is flushed out from the body after a gap of a few weeks. However, the antibodies which were produced to fight against it by the immune system will last longer in the body.

That even helps to stimulate the memory cells to recognize this kind of virus and reproduce the same type of antibodies if you ever catch the coronavirus in the future.

So, even if you ever think that antibodies level has decreased in your body, then don’t worry. It is now able to reproduce it way faster than earlier and is ready to tackle the coronavirus.

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