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Vaccine Resistance to Mu Variant May Enforce Full Lockdown


With the daily uprising of Covid-19 cases, UK’s Environmental Secretary has warned the country for a potential return of nationwide lockdown if a particular COVID-19 variant finds a way to evade the vaccines.

Eustace told Sky News, “Arguably the biggest threat to the travel industry is that if we do get another variant that manages to get around the vaccines. Then we’re into another full lockdown and that’s not what we want.”

“That’s why we’ve taken this cautiously, step by step because we want each step we take to be irreversible.”

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Currently, the new Mu variant is a matter of concern as it’s believed to be resistant to vaccines. At the time of writing this post, Public Health England has already recorded over 50 (23 Mu cases in London alone) new Mu variant-related cases.

In the days ahead, PCR tests are likely to get scrapped. This will make the way for the fully jabbed lateral flow testing. Here Eustace issued a warning saying, “The rationale for the PCR test is that you can do genome sequencing of variants and you can, therefore, detect possible variants of concern.”

“The difficulty with the lateral flow test, although it is cheaper and simpler to do, it is not able to pick up those variants.”

What do you think about the possibility of a lockdown in the near future?

Would you support it or go against it?

  1. Timothy Pratt says

    I would do what ever it takes to get ahead of this situation as it only gets worse when we go against what we are asked to do to keep from spreading this virus. And if we need a new vaccine to stop the spread of it I would take the vaccine no questions asked.

    1. Malissa Sanders says


      1. john christopher zepeda says


    2. Teddy says


    3. kelly simard says

      Timothy, the problem here lies in the reliance of a vaccine for a virus that also effects animals. We need to treat with already approved antivirals so we don’t get sick and don’t keep spreading the virus. This was never a pandemic but unfortunately all the heads of nations made it one. A pandemic only occurres when there is no treatments. We have treatments but Big goverment is suppressing them to keep this going at the stake of people losing there lives because of EU drug like Rimdesivir. They tried using it for Ebola and people died so the drug was pulled. So you have to ask yourself what makes it work for this virus? It causes organs and kidneys to shut down and the need for respirators and dialysis.
      I pray everyday that more doctors see this and start curing patients. Many are brave and are saving lives not treating patients the the CDC only medical drug use. I pray the nurses and doctors stand up and treat with the approved drugs that they know work. Doctors are afraid and nurses to speak out! Pharmacists are being treated to loose jobs if they subscribe Medis their own doctors know that will work and cure their patients. This is not about a virus as much as it is about destroying lives. I will keep praying everyday! 🙏🏼

    4. Teresa says


  2. Jerseyjohn says

    Good job Timmy u do that I’m not taken anything let’s just move on nothing to see here

    1. Lisa says

      Then YOU Jersey John are the reason we all may be shut down again in the future.

      1. RedStateUSA says

        Actually no, those that are vaccinated are the ones CAUSING these “variants”. Go do some research about it, NOT using Google or another censorship search engine. Dems&Libs are all about saying to “Follow The Science”, but literally when people DO and they post their findings they get BANNED. 🤔🤔

  3. Nicky says

    It should all ready be lock down because people is all ready dying from this if we trying to save all God people just need to do what right

    1. Caseia says

      Agree lock the country down because now they have children dying it’s time to think about these families that are loosing there family and stop trying to sending these kids and people back to work.Virus is getting worse not better.What’s wrong with these people in government.lock it down before we all die

  4. Carrie Atkins says

    I support another lock down to slow virus spread down. Save lives clean up air.

  5. Kevin says

    Support complete lockdown because it is the only way to starve and stop transmission. It would be nice if the world’s so called leaders had the courage to end this. This will continue forever on the current path and quest for power and profits or end in months with and intelligent global lockdown and quarantine plan.

    1. Tracy says

      No lockdown will stop transmission, it will only slow it down and delay the inevitable ultimately allowing the virus to have a longer time period to kill more people.

  6. Blondie says

    Lets go back to stores closing early around 5. Having to wear masks inside the public places, washing and disinfected again. Its not a joke and its not getting any better.

  7. Ronnie Randall says

    Maybe that’s what it will take to open peoples eyes!🤔

  8. Pierce Katherine says

    I would be all for the lockdown. People just don’t get it I had to go to the hospital last night and they told me that they didn’t need the vaccine. It was their choice. I have cancer and was frightened to have to get an hour long exam. I heard twice that the Army and Marine Doctors are telling the troops that they don’t need the vaccine because of all the vaccine they got when enlisted. One of them my nephew who had a bad case of covid. His doctor tells him that the vaccine would kill him. What’s going on. That’s crazy and I can’t go near unvaccinated family! I almost jumped out of the taxi!

    1. Alex says

      Wow! That’s frightening to hear that story, especially the Marines! That the doctor actually said that. You should report that doctor to CDC or higher up. It’s illegal to say something like that especially that people are dying in hospitals! Which hospital did you go to?

  9. Ronald Hughes says

    I would support it 100%

    1. Pamela says

      I will support it to save lives

  10. Judy Bowers says

    I feel we must do whatever is necessary to stop transmission of the virus. Nobody likes the lockdown but we must save lives!!

  11. Lani says

    Hoping Mu doesn’t get hold. But if it does I am all for a complete lockdown. Not looking forward to that

  12. Trevor says

    No more lockdowns, with the exception of protecting most vulnerable. There are many, many, many more individuals NOT in the vulnerable group. Lockdowns the worst life, job, and psychosocial damaging choice that is being made for them! (This thought also gives those who want to control it lives a solution/salve to their post-Covid societal control withdrawal symptoms!)

  13. Troy Green says

    Agree. Get rid of it all. Please, so I can spend time with my family.

  14. A says

    I would support lockdown

  15. Nineveh says


  16. Variant strains ? I’ve haven’t really herd much on that ? says

    How is China and Russia , doing amongst these

  17. Judy Garcia says

    I support the lockdown.

    1. Pamela says

      I agree

  18. Thai Temple says

    I’m against going into lockdown. I spent a year in lockdown when this pandemic started, and I’m not going through that again! I’m sick and tired of being isolated and stuck at home! What’s more, I’m sick and tired of wearing my mask all the time when I go outside. If they put us into lockdown again, I’ll be really upset. I’m not putting up with it anymore, and have a right to speak against it.

    1. Carole says

      I agree. I had covid and recovered like 99% of others have.No. MOre lock downs. Protect The very elderly with other conditions and let the younger people live their lives. We can,t lose any more businesses and when they locked down in New York the virus got worse. Keep yourself healthy and live your life

  19. Gin Shick says

    No more lockdowns. Stop illegals. We are doing our part but government seems to do whatever to keep this going

  20. Lola smith says

    I don’t think they know what their doing!!!! They open schools when the DELTA VARIANT is supposed to be bad my opinion is GET UR SHIT TOGETHER!!!! Either this SHOT works or it doesn’t everyone gets it now they want to give a booster it’s BS they don’t want us to know if we’re COMING OR GOING!!!!!! So all of you support this and follow like sheep as for me I’m gonna live my life just like I always have HAPPY WITH NO WORRIES!!!!😊😊😊😊Have a great day!!😊😊😊😊😊

    1. Tiff says

      Amen. Live and Love your life’s without fear of death but cautious of protecting your loved ones but giving them outdoor opportunities like camping, beach trips, fresh air not just breathing in your carbin dioxide and inside with artificial sunlight. Has anyone seen or been to a funeral at all? Just curious because I live by many I haven’t seen any.

    2. Lynn says

      Agree 100%. Wake up people!! The vaccine isn’t working because it was developed in a short period of time and not enough clinical studies have been completed. Do your research! These doctors and scientists are not God – yes, they are doing what they’ve been taught but they do not know everything!

  21. Denise says

    Whatever we have to do to get this under control . Also issue a country wide mask mandate because people will still have to go to the store and other things .

  22. Toothless says

    I agree the death before and now is already to high what do we have to loose before someone stops all this.if we lock down know the chance of people living is higher without sickness and a cure can be found we all hope for.

  23. Sharon Whallon says

    Rather than catch or spread some virus the scientist have no cure for yet, I would choose to stay home.

  24. Bob says

    Is this variant from the booster like delta was from the initial vax?

  25. Monett says

    I would be all for it. If we had done this in the beginning, we wouldn’t still be in it! Defiant people who “don’t want to be told what to do” are the biggest problem! Your parents must be proud! This would all be over if we would have just stayed home in the beginning! Defiant people don’t care about other people! Not even those within their own families! They just don’t care! It’s really sad to think about it. It would all be over by now, but defiance has continued this! Social media misinformation had fueled stupidity everywhere. You should all be embarrassed and ashamed! So easily led by those who know nothing, instead of science. Sad, sad, sad!

    1. Pam says


  26. Barbara says

    I definitely support a lockdown to try to get ahead of the new variant(s) to prevent the spread of more new cases-

  27. Carol says

    All this could have been avoided if people took the supplement, Fucoidan extract, a sulfated polysaccharide similar to heparin. nih.gov published the study that proved it stops COVID from entering the cell.
    I’ve been taking it for a year and have NOT become sick. I won’t take the vaccine because I have autoimmune disease.

  28. Rob says

    It is Not needed, need to let it burn it self out. Let me ask anybody one question, was the flu ever eradicated no, why? My thought is it is here to stay and the more we try to stop it the stronger it gets. Herd immunity has worked for thousands of years. The more Meds we take the weaker our natural immune system gets. These viruses will only get stronger as time goes on so we need to let it be.

    1. Lynn says

      Well said!

    2. Julie Hawkins says

      I agree with you 100%! It’s so refreshing to read the same thing I believe. The thing is here to stay. The more we mess with it the smarter it gets. It’s goal is to survive. I agree with your suggestion “just let it be” Amen to that! 😊

  29. Richard D. McMichael says

    Actually I’m tired of this shit and I won’t comply!

  30. Mark M says

    Onecwayvor another-ENOUGH with tg e lockdowns!

  31. Paula Weigl says

    If they close every thing down due to the virus then we need to close down. It is what it is. But we all need to use masks and get the vaccine. I do not think a close down will happen. Hopefully they will find something before the MU variant comes our way. They must be working on it already. Have faith and keep well. Wash your hands and use your masks.

  32. Maria CC says

    Hell no! No more lockdowns!!!!

  33. DP says

    I Say Shut Down Again To Be Safe And Save Lives
    People Don’t Want To Follow The Rules

  34. p says

    They just really want more lockdowns, because it’s not about a virus, it’s about control. #TheGreatReset

    1. Lynn says

      Yes, and population control! Wake up people!

  35. Rochelle Jones says

    I agree for the lockdown because it seems like the people not going to wear masks and some people are not going to get vaccinated so since everybody’s not going to get vaccinated you might as well lock it down lock us down into everybody gets vaccinated and everybody does what everybody’s supposed to do God got this God made the vaccine so everybody needs to take it it’s just like the other vaccines we’ve been taking all our lives take this vaccine so we can get rid of the mask and we can open up but if you don’t want to then just don’t get the vaccine and don’t wear a mask and guess what we’ll have to lock it down lock it down by all means prayers going up and blessings come down please everybody get vaccinated in The mating Jesus

  36. Patsy Lamas says

    Wow. My husband and I were just getting ready to make our retirement dreams come true. But, to stay alive I’d do whatever is necessary

  37. Deborah Rodenhouse says

    We do not need another lockdown. Why isn’t our government giving doctors the approval to use
    drugs that do work? The truth is they don’t want
    anyone to know that both hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin are cheap, widely available and are viable treatments. Too much money is being made with these vaccines. And they are enjoying
    bossing us all around!

  38. Juliane says

    100% against. It no longer makes sense for everyone to sacrifice quality of life and to mortgage our children’s futures just so people can feel a little safer. People seem to have forgotten that absolute safety has never been guaranteed.

  39. Mary says

    I fully support it a lot of lives were lost with COVID-19 and if helps the spread of another virus than yes I totally support it

  40. louise hodges says


  41. louise hodges says

    I did whatever it take to safe 🙏 😌

  42. Martha Marsh says

    Where are you getting the names for these variants .

  43. Luke says

    Lockdowns. Do. Not. Work. We knew they didn’t work. We did them anyway because we wanted to believe we could control a virus. How can anyone not see this after a year and a half?

  44. P d says

    I support the lockdown all the way let’s get it done and over with the government is trying to kill all the old people we are over crowded and they know it they won’t tell u the truth but that’s what they are doing and in the process they are killing our children they have the meds to get rid of this why won’t they give it to us right

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