Vaccine Error! Research About Heart Inflammation Was Miscalculated

A study that showed vaccinations caused a heart inflammation condition known as myocarditis has been proven false due to a miscalculation, according to Reuters.

The study which was conducted by researchers at The University of Ottawa Heart Institute was featured in numerous blogs and social media posts as proof that the COVID-19 vaccine is unsafe for use. 

Several anti-vaccination advocates have used this study to combat vaccination efforts. One headline reads “New Study Shows 1 in 1000 Develop Heart Inflammation After Covid Vaccination; Myocarditis and Other Related Heart Conditions Have Increased Death Rate Within 5 Years.”

However, the study was then withdrawn on September 24, and in a statement, the researchers said: “Our reported incidence appeared vastly inflated by an incorrectly small denominator (ie number of doses administered over the time period of the study). We reviewed the data available at Open Ottawa and found that there had indeed been a major underestimation, with the actual number of administered doses being more than 800,000 (much higher than quoted in the paper)”

The researchers also added, “To avoid misleading either colleagues or the general public and press, we the authors unanimously wish to withdraw this paper on the grounds of incorrect incidence data.” 

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The University of Ottawa also published a statement of apology saying,

“A University of Ottawa Heart Institute preprint citing incorrect data vastly inflating the incidence of post-vaccine myocarditis has been withdrawn at the authors’ request.
We are sorry this error led to misinformation about the incidence of post-vaccine myocarditis. COVID-19 vaccines are safe and have been proven effective against the disease.  We invite anyone who has not yet received the shot to please get vaccinated.
We extend our apology to Ottawa Public Health (OPH) for our miscalculation of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines administered in Ottawa from June to July 2021. We thank OPH for their continuous support and their invaluable work in the community.”

The CDC then affirms that the COVID-19 is safe to get, and there is more risk of getting myocarditis from COVID-19 than the jab, and remain vigilant on vaccination efforts across the population. 

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