USA vs Canada in Women’s Hockey Final: 2022 Worlds Championship Between Rivals, Highlights

On Poulin’s block, Brianne Jenner said, “It’s amusing how people are astonished when one of our best scorers does that.”

“But she has blocked a lot of shots since we started playing together when we were under 18 years old. She comes through for us on both ends.

It’s contagious when you witness your captain put his or her body on the line and everyone else does the same.

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Voici Brianne Jenner’s two objectives:

She chuckled, “I often get teased by my colleagues because I don’t really recall what happened all that well.”

I suppose I simply attempted to shift the perspective fast on the first one and blasted through the screen. I had to change the angles a little bit before I shot it because I knew that (Nicole) Hensley is a very good goalie.

“Then, I believe we got pretty nice net traffic for the second one. Therefore, even the finest goalies cannot stop it if they cannot see it.

American hockey team member Kendall Coyne Schofield, who won silver,

“I believe that we ran out of time in the end. This squad, in my opinion, had a terrific tournament. We had planned ahead. We played cautiously… However, we were out of time tonight, so we need to figure out how to change that scenario.

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Why does a silver medal feel like a loss, according to Abby Roque?

“All we want is to win. Competitors act in that way, Roque stated. A silver medal is insufficient. All we want is to win again. And just as with the other ones, I believe we will take this to heart once again and work hard to improve.

In response to whether the American squad in Denmark felt different from the one at the Olympics, Brianne Jenner said:

“I believe so. They definitely improved their offence, in my opinion. I believe they are often used behind the goal line, which makes it difficult to defend against. Certainly, that round-robin match taught us a lot.

We respect them and are aware that we will likely have to face them once again in April if we want to defend (our world championship).

Brianne Jenner comments on the play of Canadian goaltender Ann-Renee Desbiens:

“When she’s in the net, we feel so confident. She has the demeanour of a cucumber. She seemed to be quite focused tonight, as she often is.

According to Brianne Jenner, her next seven months will include the PWHPA Dream Gap Tour and the 2023 World Championship.

There will be a lot of excellent hockey. The PWHPA Tour that we’ll have will be the greatest of the best.

I believe it’s going to be amazing to see since there are so many players at this event, including top Americans and top Canadians. And come April, I believe the bullseye will be on our back (at the World Championship). And we welcome the pressure that comes with it.

How would American head coach John Wroblewski rate his team’s performance?

“I am quite pleased with our outcome. Our main goal was to prevent (Canada’s) aggressive approach from dominating… I think we did a good job of controlling the trenches, barriers, and moving pucks.

“They (Canada) are such a mobile, heavy, mature squad; you can see their winning pedigree.

We’re attempting to acquire it on the fly with some very excellent young players who, ideally, will grow for us more quickly than anticipated since we’re now off by just a degree in that area.

In my opinion, the future is promising for our organisation. Being their coach makes me really proud. I will remember it as a wonderful experience for a very long time.

According to what U.S. head coach John Wroblewski said to his players after the game:

“I told them I was honoured to work with them and that I was proud of them. I believe that the one thing I failed to mention to them, but which we have discussed as a group, is the fact that work done today or even a week ago often goes unnoticed.

I believe that our society demands immediate resolutions. And in hockey, that’s simply not the case.

How would Canadian head coach Troy Ryan rate the performance of his team?

Ryan told On Her Turf, “I am obviously delighted and proud of this group of athletes and crew.” I believe the biggest part is that we proved there are several strategies for winning hockey games, “

Canadian head coach Troy Ryan on how the state of women’s pro hockey now affects his ability to guide the team to the 2026 Winter Olympics:

It is unquestionably difficult without a professional league. When we’re not centralised, I believe Hockey Canada does a fantastic job of supporting the athletes. However, they deserve more, let’s face it.

They should be given the chance to play professionally. And I believe that the game’s future is quite near. I’m especially hopeful that occasions like today — and gold medal contests like the one played tonight — will only inspire more people to get engaged and hasten the process to ensure it occurs.

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