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US Vice President’s Husband Was Escorted Out of an Event Following a Suspected Security Threat.

After a bomb threat was reported at a Washington, DC, school commemorating Black History Month on Tuesday, US Secret Service agents took the second gentleman Douglas Emhoff to safety, while students and administrators were evacuated, according to Emhoff’s aides and school officials.

A celebration of Black History Month was held at Dunbar High School in the nation’s capital on Monday, where Emhoff, the husband of US Vice President Kamala Harris, was in attendance. Additionally, students and instructors from the school were forced to flee the building as well.

At least a dozen historically Black schools and universities around the country were targeted with bomb threats last week, forcing the institutions to cancel classes and instilling dread among Black communities.

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Despite the fact that no explosives were discovered at any of the locations, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is investigating the potential threats.

According to the school’s website, Dunbar High School was the first high school in the United States dedicated exclusively to African-American students.

According to Emhoff’s staff, the school reported the threat to the United States Secret Service, which protects political leaders and their families in the United States. Emhoff was in good health, according to his publicist.

“We were faced with a threat to the facility today, so we… took the precautionary measure of evacuating everyone, as you witnessed. I believe that everyone is safe. The structure is unambiguous.

However, I do not have any specific information at this time “A spokeswoman for the District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) confirmed the report.

There were no additional details available at the time of publication.

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