Upcoming California Bill Proposes a 32-hour Workweek for Companies with Over 500 Employees

In California, a new bill could soon make people say, “Thank God it’s Thursday.”

A bill, AB 2932, is moving through the state legislature and would change the workweek definition for companies with more than 500 employees from 40 hours to 32 hours. Eight hours would still constitute a full workday.

Under the bill, employees who work more than four full days a week would be required to receive overtime pay.

According to ABC7News, Rep. Mark Takano (D-Riverside) estimates this would result in a 10% increase in employee pay.

Some employers who have already implemented a four-day workweek report increased productivity and profits as a result. Many employers report their employees are stressed out as a result of not being able to support their teammates as much as they should.

Reduced Workhours Trusted for High Productivity

Iceland tested a 35-36 hour week and said it was “overwhelmingly successful.”

In 2019, Microsoft tested a four-day workweek in Japan and reported an increase of almost 40% in productivity, based on sales per employee.

According to studies, the United States ranks among the countries with the highest number of hours worked per year. Americans also spend less time on personal care and leisure than people from other developed countries.

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