University of Virginia Disenrolls 238 Unvaccinated Students!

Before returning to the grounds in July, the University of Virginia instructed all students who live, learn or work at the university must be fully vaccinated before start coming in for the next academic year.

Students were even asked to upload proof of vaccination on the HealtyHoos Patient Portal before July 1.

Now that the University of Virginia is open for new semester students, it has disenrolled 238 students who weren’t fully vaccinated even after the 7 weeks of the deadline date. Therefore, going against the university’s Covid-19 mandate.

When asked, the university Spox Brian Coy said, “Only 49 of the original 242 students had enrolled in classes for the fall, so the University expects that the majority of students who did not confirm their vaccine status were not planning to return to Grounds.”
“These students received multiple communications from Student Affairs via email, text, and phone calls reminding them to update their status by the extended deadline of August 18. Disenrolled means you’re not eligible to take courses.”
The 238 disenrolled students represent approx. 1% of the total student population. This means the remaining lot of 99% eligible students complied with the University’s mandatory vaccine policy.
The official numbers say approx. 96.6% of students are fully vaccinated and the remaining students have an approved exemption. Exempted students are required to submit to weekly prevalence testing and must wear masks indoors and outdoors.
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