Unauthorized Google Charges Flood Uncountless Bank Statements, Go Check Yours

You ought to check your bank statements immediately if you have not done so recently.

According to recent reports, Chase Visa statements are showing unauthorized Google charges.

The same odd amount of $13.01 is being charged on several accounts.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that a number of people got new cards, the charges still continued.

In her email, Beth reported that she received three of the odd charges from Google.

“My card has been linked to Google Chrome and Google Play,” she stated.

The charges, however, were not authorized.

It is not every card affected that was connected to a Google account.

It is believed that Google has little or nothing to do with the vast majority of the charges.

Google Play is only responsible for two of the charges that have been discovered so far.

They were for “Dwarf” and “Danmi,” according to a news report by ABC.

The other “Google” debits were connected with companies or individuals’ names.

Aside from the fact that charges were for such small amounts, Chase, Google, and Visa have all been reached out to for details about the unauthorized charges.

According to recent reports, more scammers are trying to snare customers month after month.

You may not be aware of most credit fraud alerts since most concern larger amounts.

Your credit card company needs to be contacted immediately if any of this occurs to you.

Victims have gotten their charges refunded in some instances, and many have terminated their credit cards.

Recently, Chase disclosed that they need more information about users’ accounts despite receiving screenshots of the charges.

According to a statement Chase released, it said:

“We encourage customers to check their accounts regularly for any transactions they don’t recognize. They won’t be responsible for transactions they didn’t authorize and that they tell us about promptly.”

Visa assured its users that their cards were protected against fraud.

When Google was reached for comment, none was received.

Go through your bank and credit statements in detail and question any charges that don’t appear to be valid.

Check your past statements for similar charges on those you don’t recognize or authorize.

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