Unarmed Man Shot by Chicago Cop at Red Line Station Found Not Guilty

An unarmed guy was shot by a Chicago police officer at a CTA Red Line stop.

Officer Melvina Bogard was acquitted of aggravated violence and official misconduct. Two Chicago police officers battled with a CTA rider near the Grand Avenue Red Line stop.

After more than five minutes, Officer Melvina Bogard shoots Ariel Roman. He suffered abdominal damage.

The shooting was not a crime, a Cook County court determined Tuesday. Defense counsel Tim Grace said Judge Claps made the proper decision.

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The officer’s lawyers asserted self-defense. Judge Joseph Claps described the event and said Roman defied the officer’s directions and was carrying a considerable quantity of narcotics.

“Ariel Roman is unreliable. That was shocking,” activist Eric Russell remarked. Roman’s lawyers have filed a lawsuit. They allege that the footage shows the cop shooting at an unarmed guy.

Andrew Stroth, an attorney, stated, “We don’t agree.” “Video shows our client being shot twice while racing away. Unarmed. Back-firing.”

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“He climbs the stairs without a weapon.” “Backfires,” Kulis said. Superintendent David Brown recommends firing Officer Bogard. The police board hasn’t decided.

Brown: “We separated the officer from the police department based on COPA breaches.”
“We’re certain she’s fit for duty based on the verdict,” Grace said.

The civil case’s trial date hasn’t been determined. Lawyers say next year.

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