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Unable to Pay for Thanksgiving Dinner? Here’s How You Can Get Help!


The cost of inflation is already making it difficult for some low-income families to make ends meet before Thanksgiving even arrives.

Those who are in need of holiday dinners have a number of resources at their fingertips.

The Sun reported that Feeding America announced that in 2021 approximately a 42 million people may encounter food insecurity.

Local Resources that Can Help You Pay for Thanksgiving

We’ve listed some local resources here that might be able to help as Thanksgiving approaches.

Thanksgiving meals can be provided by soup kitchens, food pantries, and food banks.

You can find out where your local banks and kitchens offer meals and distributions by checking online.

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Be sure to find out whether they require registration, which should take less than a minute (online).

Additionally, families in need can turn to the Salvation Army this holiday season for support.

Many Salvation Army local branches will also provide meal or dinner services on this occasion.

Salvation Army branches will also prepare Christmas dinners for families after Thanksgiving.

Occasionally, local churches will prepare and serve meals to their communities through volunteers.

In addition, many churches put together baskets to have them distributed to their communities.

Never forget to look to see if your local churches are doing anything for this holiday and whether participation is required.

  1. Shawanna Jenkins says

    I need help with Thanksgiving dinner it’s very hard out here to survive especially when you are disabled and can’t get around

  2. Marie Dickman says

    Don’t have the money to buy Thanksgiving I’m going through this disabled lawyer and stuff with social security so I can’t look right now and I got a lot of bills to pay

  3. Tina brethauer says

    Where can I get help with Christmas dinner I live in Wiggins and have no car my address is 415 east collage Wiggins ms

  4. Tamika Wheelet says

    I have a family of four. I have lost my job I’m looking for now. I just buried my mother with no life insurce which . I used every Pennie I save to send her off . Now I’m in need of food for the holidays . Thank You

  5. Rosalinda Gurrola says

    I would really would a nice Thanksgiving dinner but can’t am a senior

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