U.S. Surgeon General Predicts a Situation Where Americans Will Learn to Live With COVID-19

COVID-19 is expected to become a big problem for Americans to “get to live with,” according to U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy.

“As we see to the prospect, I guess what is expected to occur is that there will be covid around for any time. But I do believe we can beat it down in times of its hardness, and second, we can decrease the number of cases,” Murthy said “CBS Mornings.”

Murthy announced the nation could go to the spot where people trade with the disorder “like any other respiratory disease.”

“I believe we can surely get to live with it. For example, consider the common cold, like we have to exist with the common cold. And, you understand, we can use care to defend ourselves. We understand how to get over it,” stated Murthy.

“We can finally get COVID, I believe, to a point where it’s someplace in between the cold and the flu.

Yes, it’s a disease that’s flowing, but it doesn’t disturb our form of life, doesn’t stop us from understanding the people we like, doesn’t stop our kids from being in school.”

Murthy stated there is “great news to get” as vaccines proceed to determine their effectiveness, and increased oral antiviral medicines are “on the border.”

After the Thanksgiving weekend, Murthy suggested that vaccinated families meet with unvaccinated people with care.

“I guess if you’re meeting indoors with vaccinated and unvaccinated people collectively, that is absolutely a higher risk status, particularly if you’re a parent like me and you’ve seen unvaccinated children at home because they’re not eligible though, or they haven’t received a vaccine yet, then you need to be particularly careful,” he stated.

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