U.S. States Governments to Officially Start Distributions of Stimulus Checks to Eligible Recipients

State governments in the United States are now liable to cater for their residents after the federal government has moved against providing another stimulus check for its citizens.

While federal stimulus checks stepped in at the onset of the pandemic, it’s now up to states to provide more economic relief to families nationwide.

While a number of states have already started the provision of financial assistance and perks to their residents, other states directed their activities elsewhere.

Families With Low Incomes Will Receive More Than 1 Million Stimulus Checks

Among the Golden State Stimulus II’s provisions are more funds for the state’s residents. It has been reported that a total of 1.15 million dollars will be distributed as part of $857 million payments starting today.

The initial goals of the program were to assist low-income families in California who earned less than $30,000. It later was expanded to include people who earn $75,000 or less in July 2021.

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For Californians to get a stimulus check or direct deposit from the stimulus funds, you need to file your 2020 tax return in California and be eligible for the stimulus payments.

However, the Golden State Stimulus I recipients will not receive another stimulus payment for Golden State Stimulus II unless they have dependents.

In addition to submitting 2020 state income tax forms by the deadline of October 15, stimulus money applications should also be submitted by this date.

The Golden State Stimulus will award an additional $500 to eligible parents with a Social Security number who have received funds from the first round. The federal stimulus program will pay $1,000 to undocumented parents with an ITIN number.

Adults earning $30,001-$75,000 with no children will get a gift of $600. The government will provide $1,100 to adults with children whose income ranges from $30,000 to $75,000.

California Franchise Tax Board reports that direct payments are generally deposited in bank accounts within a few business days. The delivery of a paper check may take up to three weeks. Please note, you won’t receive any payments until your tax return has been filed.

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In most cases, the IRS will process your tax return within 45 days if you file after September 1. Your ZIP code is used to send paper checks as it is the last three digits of your 2020 tax return.

It is believed that the state must verify eligibility and prevent fraud before the timeline for payment can be set.

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